Add "Number of Laps" Option in station settings


This has most likely been suggested multiple times but I think the station/coaster settings should include a drop down option with "Number of Laps/circuits". The drop down could range from numbers from 0 - 10. This would be useful for creating kiddie coasters that go around the track multiple times but also if it was added along with a option to choose the starting direction of the train/coaster car (Backwards or Forwards) it would allow us to create boomerang coasters.

As the train would pass through the station more than once and you would select the starting direction as backwards. Climb up the lift hill then release and as it passes through the station once, on its return the station would stop the train as normal. This would open up a number of new coasters people could create and I think it would be a great addition to the coaster builder.

I think this would be great to see. I also think maybe the possibilty to do an "extra" lap if the queue is below a certain amount of people... I remember a certain ride when I was a child that used to go round 3 times instead of twice at extra quiet times [big grin]
I totally agree 100% with you We need those kind of features added onto to the rides ive been trying to do tha but realize there was not setting for it so I got kind of bum from it but Yes! [yesnod]