Add Racing Locations

Okay, there are already gateway assets in the game like the one below, through which an SRV can easily fit. And smaller ships can fit through with care (SLF's easily).

And there have always been groups of commanders who are keen on racing their small ships and SRV's.

I suggest creating a few planetside sites (several scattered around the bubble, plus one in Colonia) where:
- One gateway that is labelled Start / Finish
- Around twenty more gateways, numbered in order, arranged in an irregular circuit.
- The site has a location beacon that shows up in the Nav Panel, named something like "[LOCATION NAME] Raceway", or similar.
- It would also make sense to have a few of the existing holographic advertisement billboards displayed alongside the raceway.

This would create an easy way for commanders to find a place they can test their racing skills, individually or against each other.

As the assets already exist in the game, I assume this would be quick and easy to implement, and support a popular 'emergent' method of gameplay.

Pretty please :)

With a cherry on top :)
Second race track thread this week!

We (Buckyball Racing Club) did a race around Dav's Hope at the end of last year. Start at the gate, drive round collecting ALL the materials, return to the gate. Top time was 42 seconds if you fancy trying to beat it!


Full details (and final scoreboard) over here:

I do get what you're saying tho - a dedicated race track or two would be cool. Alas as I said in the other thread, I distinctly recall someone from Frontier (probably Ed on a livestream) saying that the addition of race tracks was not on their roadmap.

P.S. :p ...

DBX - yes, Python - no.

I understand it's not currently on their roadmap (which it would be nice if they would share more of ...), but it looks to me like it would be a very minor job to do in the form I've suggested it - so if there was enough interest perhaps they could be persuaded.

Your Python fitted better than my Beluga.

(As for Dav's Hope; personally I'm based in Colonia. If there's anything similar out our way, I've not found it yet. I'd already seen that video ... and of course the race round Dav's doesn't allow for live multiplayer races).
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