Adder Tour by Eclipsis And DSN

Welcome on the official forum post of the Adder Tour!

This expedition is organized by the Eclipsis player group and the Deep Space Network (huge thanks to them). It has been made to help French and English speaking Commanders to discover Thargoids/Guardians-themed places, using only one ship : the Adder from Zorgon Peterson.

The Adder Tour will start in the Eclipsis' home system : WOLF 562, and it'll take place mainly in the Pleiades. We are currently working on a route, but it is probably going to change, given the fact that a lot happened recently, concerning the Thargoids. The departure is planned on March 1st, 3304, and the expedition will last about 1 month, depending on the potential discoveries made before the start of the Adder Tour.

Waypoints will take place every two days, between 6PM and 10PM ingame time.

The expedition will be managed on the DSN discord server :, and played on the DSN Private Group, which you can enter by requesting the access in the discord.

Official EDSM Page : Coming Soon
Pour les commandants Français :
You can register for the Adder Tour here :
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I guess I'll join with one of my accounts... the one I already have an exploration Adder in is "not available" right now (busy with other things to do), my main account (which has another exploration Adder) is currently in Colonia, so I guess I'll have to either upgrade one of the Adders in one of other two accounts to a decent exploration ship - or even buy a new one for this)... :-D

This is the "Beag Ialtag" (click the name for the Coriolis loadout), the exploration Adder I used for the "Small Worlds II" exploration with my third account - I guess I'll show up with something similar to her:
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