Advanced Genome Modification Research (More Genome Mod Slots)

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So as we all know, when it comes to the number of modifications we can make to a dinosaur, some got a lot while others got stuck with only a few...

My suggestion is new research categories which increase the number of gene modification slots we can put on our dinosaurs and give all dinosaurs the same number of gene mods.

I envision there would be multiple tiers of research; Tier 1 would be for those with only three mods like Triceratops, Tier 2 would be for those with 4, Tier 3 for those with 5, and so on. While it would be cool to see the animals with even the highest level of mods get more, for now I'd just like to see all animals have the same number of mods.
Yeah we need additional gene slots. Maybe an option to switch what type of gene it is. Some are defense genes, some attack, etc.. if we could swap the attack gene for an additional grassland gene and give something a 2nd confined space 3.0 that could be helpful with sauropods for example.
I think these dinosaurs need the additional slots modifications, I limited it to only 5 dinosaurs that needed the boost, and none of the dlc or locked dinosaurs as they are usually of higher quality than the standard:

0 star Dinosaurs:

• Edmontosaurus
• Huayangosaurus
• Triceratops

1 star Dinosaurs

• Ankylosaurus
• Velociraptor
Im agree whit you i edit my dinosaurs to balance his stats of defense and damge for example my metriacantho can't take down a trike cause it's bigger heavier and powerfull but i can't balance them if the trike just have 4 genes to edit :(
Longstanding problem with herbivores is their lack of genome modifications...although their base stats are pretty low still... Nerf Allosaurus, by the way and show the poor Triceratops and armored herbivores some love. I think this is a great idea, Frontier already seems more inclined to push for genetic modification solutions anyhow, I think this is easily doable and would help the balance and feel of the game immensely.
I would love to have something like this implemented too.

I would also like to see something along the lines of new genes capable of altering a dinosaur's behavior, like having a gene that can make carnivores be more tolerant of other species and not fight to the death, or on the flip side genes that make dinosaurs more inclined to fight - which would be helpful for dinos you'd like to increase combat infamy with. As it is currently, unless you're on nublar using sandbox options, it can take forever to try and get dinos to fight. Not to mention, using snadbox objects to disable dino combat still also prevents carnivores from eating goats...
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