[ALLIANCE] AEDC - Please restore old group threads from archive

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Please please please restore our original founding thread, started in December 2014 by KNac. This thread is known as "KNac's Call" to us, and is the founding moment of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps.

Please restore the old thread. (And I am going to guess, this goes for all established player groups)
Please please please do this! I go away for a week thinking you're going to merge the old forums together, come back and find you've deleted everything! And no, you didn't give sufficient warning and your warning a month in advance did not say the same as your warning last Friday, which I only just got chance to read.
Uh - there was a HUGE amount of group history - and INTERGROUP history in those threads.

Please please Please restore.
They're back! Well, it looks like they are. Cool! :)
I don't see them.
Where is the Dark Aramada?
Where is the Communism Interstellar, Loren's Legion, ARC, Lave Radio, Hutton Truckers?
All I can see are the new threads that groups have started.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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