Powerplay Faction: Arissa Lavigny-Duval ALD Cycle Priorities. Cycle 214

A great victory for the Empire last cycle! We successfully blocked the Federal expansion in HIP 44811! This was a full Imperial effort, with a big contribution from our ALD pilots.

Excellent job everyone!

Now, we have a new target. The Federation is really trying to take over HIP 50489 to use as a weaponized sphere of influence against the Empire, specifically Princess Aisling Duval. Regardless of what you may think about the Princess, this is an attack on our fellow Imperial brothers and sisters!

We will not stand for any attack on our Imperial brethren!

To our fortification pilots: In addition to the upcoming battle, we need our own systems to be protected. It is unlikely that they will use this as a distraction to attack our own systems. Even so, please be alert!

Please remember to report all merits to the appropriate channel. Remember PAM is a valuable resource, please use her!

If you have ideas for ALD, please do not hesitate. Speak to your group’s leadership, or talk to Research.

Combat Target: Oppose HIP 50489 (hit ‘em hard!)

Vote: Vote Consolidation until 70% is reached

Fortification Priorities: Please see the lists generated by PAM

Please keep checking http://bit.ly/1sWydnp (Google Sheets) for up to the hour updates. Thank you.

Not on our discord? Just join https://discord.gg/h28SG5H. Its free, no strings attached

Arissa Invicta!
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