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Greetings Commanders!

This Thursday 17 December at 12:00 UTC, we're celebrating the end of the year and Elite Dangerous' 6th anniversary with a very special extended livestream. To make sure the team are ready, there won't be a Supercruise News episode today but here's what you can expect on Thursday:

Twitch Drops
The hugely popular Twitch Drops are making a return for the stream! Here are the prizes which will be available:


Watch the stream for 30 minutes to get the Festive Sidewinder and Purple Paint Job.


Watch the stream for 60 minutes to get the Festive Cobra MK III, Alliance Chieftain, and the Purple SRV and Fighter Paint Jobs.


Watch the stream for 90 minutes to get the Festive Asp Explorer and Festive Krait MK II Paint Jobs, and the Purple Engine and Weapon Colours.

To Receive Your Drops:
  1. Link your Twitch account to your Frontier account here:
    1. Make sure you link the account you wish the Twitch Drops to apply to (console OR PC account).
  2. Watch the stream on Twitch for 30, 60 or 90 minutes for each tier.
  3. Once you receive a drop:
    1. Click on your Twitch profile
    2. Scroll down to the 'Drops' option
    3. Claim the drop
  4. The rewards will now be available the next time you play Elite Dangerous using the account you linked.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Combat
We'll also be joined by special guest Garath Hughes from the development team, who will discuss combat in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. If you have any questions regarding combat in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, please leave them below for a chance to have them answered on stream.

Please keep your questions as short and concise as possible. We will not be bringing suggestions to the Q&A. Only questions about combat in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be used.

...and more!
That's only SOME of what's to come during the stream, so make sure to join us for our final look back at the year!

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Q: how dangerous will people be firing at ships (and ships at people?). Will there be hand held / man portable weapons that are specialist ship killers?

Q: will ships get a balance pass in Odyssey? Some ships like the Asp Scout require love.

Q: will engineering and modules get a balance pass, since some are weak / not as useful as others available?
Genuine question - have you tested this to make sure it'll work for console users this time? I still haven't received the drops from the last one, and attempting to link Twitch and Frontier accounts still results in an endless loop of going round and round in circles. Whatever the problem was last time, it looks like it's still there.
With many/most/all developers working from home at the moment was the combat footage in the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gameplay Reveal Trailer recorded from online sessions that took place over the internet, i.e. representative of an online experience we can expect and not just recorded over LAN in ideal conditions?
If I am flying a ship thats destroyed in one of these on foot / SRV / ship battles, where do I 'wake up'? Can I eject and continue on foot?

Are the new on foot missions developments of SRV missions (take out power grid, lower defence grid etc)? If so, what in your opinion sets them apart and justifies being on foot? What can I do on foot I can't do in an SRV?
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