Anyone else having touchpad problems since update?

Hi guys!

After a quick blast this morning I logged out for the scheduled update, just logged back in and the touchpad controls on my controller seem... borked. Hoping it’s not just my controller because before the update it was working fine.

Normally I’ve gotten used to using the lower left/right corners of the touchpad to bring up the external and internal UI panels, which has worked perfectly up until I logged back in after this morning’s update. Since then it only seems to recognise touchpad commands as switching fire groups (normally mapped to the upper corners of the pad). I’ve tried disabling the fire-group touchpad bindings but it still isn’t recognising the internal/external panel bindings.

It’s not game breaking but since it’s only happened since this morning’s update has anyone else come across this?


CMDR Achtung-Goomba
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