Anyone up for a game of Brown Dwarf Tetris?

Spotted an unusual cartographic feature while flying through the Inner Core. Check out the area of space centred roughly on the Phroi Flyuae ZU-Y A17 system. There are ten a-mass-code boxels chock-full of brown dwarfs, sitting in space that's otherwise quite devoid of brown dwarfs. It's like a little piece of the Galactic Brown Dwarf Disc, only it's 1000 LYs Down from it, at the opposite end of the sector. The boxels form a pattern shaped like an upside-down L, two boxels wide, four high and the cross-bar of the L is also two boxels long. The pattern is best seen when you filter the galaxy map by star class and deselect everything except the L, T and Y brown dwarfs.

And no, it's not a patch of real-world stars - we can't detect brown dwarfs 23,500 LY away in the Core. These are all procedurally generated - a glitch in the Stellar Forge. A week or so ago while scrolling about the galaxy map I found a similar feature in the same general region of space, a "wall" of brown dwarfs 3 boxels wide, one thick and five high, but forgot to note it's location or take a screenshot; I figured a giant wall of brown dwarfs 10 LY thick and 50 LY high would be hard to lose, but I was wrong. Didn't make that mistake a second time; here's the screenie.

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Nice find. Here is one of and As I ran into WSW of the bubble about 10k LY. I just thought Laverne might have been there first.

I'm way out from where you're at or I'd throw in my hat. Good luck, have fun, and let us know what you find.
Raxxla is in the one system you can't reach without running out of fuel...

Interesting find - now we'll all be looking for such anomalies!
Here's one I found a while back, right down at the southern end of the galaxy, Raxxla is probably somewhere between the two!

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