April Monthly Catch-Up!

Jay Wilton

Community Manager
Hayo PlanCo fam!

We hope you've all had a wonderful April! Isn't it nice to feel the warmer weather and seeing the flowers bloom again? We've had a great month and are very excited to share what you might have missed in our monthly catch-up.


"Lights! Camera! Action! Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup..." At the tail end of April, we announced and released the Studios Pack for Planet Coaster: Console Edition. Now you can bring the studio experience to life and put your guests in the heart of the action, or have them experience the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. The Studios Pack comes with new Console Edition exclusive blueprints that are sure to bring the spirit of Hollywood to your park.

But what's that? It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Something that could never ever possibly destroy us, out to absolutely destroy us! Thankfully the Ghostbusters are here to protect us! In April, we also announced and released Planet Coaster: Console Edition Ghostbusters, featuring the full Ghostbusters campaign you know and love from the PC version, in addition to several exclusive blueprints to recreate New York's haunted streets. As far as we know, the blueprints aren't designed by Ivo Shandor, so your parks should be relatively safe from invasion from the spirit realm. Should anything supernatural occur, Dr. Raymond Stantz and his fellow Ghostbusters will be on hand to help out.

Finally, the Planet Coaster: Premium Edition is now available for purchase! With this bundle you get a copy of Planet Coaster: Console Edition, along with the Classic Rides Collection, Magnificent Rides Collection, Spooky Pack, Adventure Pack, Vintage Pack, World's Fair pack, and the new Studios pack, all for £74.99/$89.99/€79.99. It is the ultimate Planet Coaster: Console Edition bundle, for park managers of all shapes and sizes.

Community Creations:

Some amazing community creations came our way in April. Here are some of our favourites:

WIP_MoominLittlesocks (1).jpg

Moomin Littlesocks has been working on a small, ultra-realistic park set in rural UK. It's an ongoing series featuring some funny jokes and incredible attention to detail. This is well worth a watch if you're looking for building tips, or just some light entertainment.


Leene's Cave of Firebreath is an incredible miniature park that doubles as a dragon's roost! Its main attraction is a literal jaw-dropping coaster described as "a thrilling ride all the way through the dragon's infernal breath to the top of its tail"

image 73.jpg

Do you need a small potion shop for your fantasy Xbox park? Then look no further than Tasha's Potions by Dr. Olaf. This quaint little hut is sure to put a spell on your guests.


Speaking of wonder, Mustang-glenn's Entrance Wonderland welcomes your park guests into a world of pure imagination. It's a perfect addition to your PlayStation park!


Avast, ye landlubbers, or prepare to walk the plank in Chase's Hearties Hope! This pirate wonderland features 3 Coasters, 7 Flat Rides, and 2 Dark Rides, letting you experience high adventure on the seven seas.

Creator Spotlight:

Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... blimp?! Check out Jurre's World's Fair speed build video to learn how you can make your very own blimp to decorate your parks with.

That's everything we've got for you in this month's Catch Up! We'll see you in May for another.
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