assassination services

Plan was getting some weapons that'll make it easier to disable ships rather than blow them to bits aswell as getting some proper shields because these B whatever shields on the Krait I've got on it can't even stand for a proper crash landing on 1-2G worlds. But all that especially from what I've read to with the new weapons that look somewhat interesting aswell as just general engineers is still a grind yeah? I was also planning on getting pulse distrubtor again but I vaguely remember there being a good reason as to why I didn't really use it on console, but if it's something that's decent it'll be powerplay. 😕 There isn't some sort of cooldown of really long cooldown on the pulse distrubtors effect or something is there? Or maybe do shields stop the malfunctions now?

Also I really ought to get myself a Sol permit. I miss jumping off Plutos huge mountains, bet it will be good fun in VR. So much to do its almost overwhelming, mostly again because it's all a bit grindy.
Your free to joi
OP Do you guys do cross platform ganks as well? What if I were to put a bounty on my own head?
Only on xbx
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