assign new investigative powers to ticket-service representatives, and add 3-way-triangular checks for competitive PvE complaints


where do i begin.

how about the other day (month), when 2 successive tickets in a row, about two Brotherhood of Terra Mater pirates hunting missions,
had a INVERSE effect, boosting them instead of getting them down, (n)

the bizarre,
both mission-giver, and VICTIM of the targeting of that mission effects,
at the end of the mission, in the hand-in screen,
where you see influence/economy/security changes, etc
BOTH, being blue.

one red, one blue, :oops:

one adversely-affected,
one positively affected.

not what you should be able to expect,..

BOTH,.. blue.

?? o_O


i made it clear enough, to the service rep. ...

but what do i get?


'we've never had this complaint before'
BULL - ( i've complained about it, evidenced it, and detailed it, at least 5 times, if not at least reported it 10, if not 15 times - ( there's only so many times you can try passing on evidence, to someone who doesn't listen, before all you can be bothered doing is reporting it) )

'we don't have the capacity to make changes'
i wasn't talking about them doing it, i was TRYING to report someone ... EXTERNAL ... who is biased-towards, cheats-for, the brotherhood, cheating! i wasn't talking about the staff's capacities.

and then half-way through, seems to be starting to address the points in my ticket,
but instead,
makes some irrelevancy, about ... just-about-anything OTHER, than the critical part of my complaint/request for investigation,

The critical part,
simply to RECOGNISE, that the mission had boosted-a-faction that was being aggressively-targeted BY the mission - benefited, instead of being DOWN, from it.
(killing like 40 of their pirates)


but no. not even recognition.
didn't happen, according to Frontier / ED.


i don't cheat, don't have multiple accounts,.. rage-quitting tiresome gankers, is about as 'dishonourable' in terms of cheating, as i get in ED.

But what is there... some assumption going around, that everybody does?
well too bad!
some don't!

what kind of a reason is that?

that's not a reason to FAIL your customers.


where are we as players,
with ED, in the wide, world-of-making-customer-service-requests ... 'efficiently'-handled ?.. :cautious:

oh,.. fair-folk of ED?
Fat-boy Slim images flash in my mind

man-! :oops:


allright!.. Crade-of-filth ... -folk. which-/who-ever. :poop:

where was i?..


Because from where i'm standing, in having reported perhaps 80 out of my 115 or so tickets over 3 going on 4 years ... suspicious adversities, or interferences, steering/controls interference during combat, but not at other times, etc...

not to mention all the ones i haven't bothered to report,..

...the game's still, after 3 years,.. pretty crappy by-this-measure.
5 out of 5, for physics engine and graphics,.. but 1 out of 5, for safe/fair environment, from me.

Blatant, EVIDENCIATE-ABLE, cheating,..
goes on un-reported to upper management,
or, they simply don't give a sh**,

and what ... only care about GETTING YOUR MONEY?
hope not.


is my experience tainted, by being a user of Amazon AWS?

there's who-knows what-ELSE, running on those servers, at the SAME TIME, as the ED server, and that means potential parallel processing, of all kinds of things,..
and considering how powerful Amazon hosting servers probably are..
surprise surprise,.. without triangulation of things to CHECK, going directly from me to the master servers or visa versa...

ONLY, the middle man, can, be, consulted, by either.
by my client, OR, by the master servers - the AWS are in the middle. anything running parallel, on the machine in the middle,
can do things in BOTH directions,
or alternatively,.. different things to the master-servers, and different things, to the client, when programmed to.


hand up

before you angrily-comment, saying that's not always true... some things do, some things don't ...

i mean for the EVERYDAY.
the otherwise inconsequential missions, that 'don't matter'

well maybe, it's 'doesn't matter',.. if in the scale of things overall,
most play, is fine, based on a grouped together, avoiding WHERE it happens smudging,..

so say, a wild guess,.. <5% of all actions by players worldwide...

maybe,.. you can say, that 95% of all actions aren't using corrupted/modified code,
maybe,.. you can say that 98% of the players, enjoy, that 95%,..


but you know what?

**** you.
sorry about the bad language, but yeah **** all of you who think that.

it's <5% +- when statistically SMUDGED ... but it's like 80% or something, done ON, or AT, or IN,.. the AWS, in my experience.
(and any other 3rd party hosting services, presumably)

wild guess, but you get the point. it's NOT, <5% +- ,

for people who have no CHOICE as to which server they connect-to,.. is not just wordage like ;
"<5% +- of all events globally", or something,..

and so only happens, 'like a bug' , in proportion,.. 'that much' , to them TOO... ANYwhere.

anywhere? oh yeah? :mad:

while you might be enjoying a near 100% 99%,.. proper in the UK,.. it could be 80% IMproper, of the time, here. (session had 'unexplained', something,.. session, had 'unidentifyable' deviceID, and dynamic IP, on the other end, of a conneciton,.. etc )

Some shocking difference, like that.

it probably NEVER happens to most of you,..

but it happens to some people,
EVERY FRIGGING SESSION, or almost-every.


that, is not... DISPERSED,..

not ... stray/random-events,..
extremely-lightly distributed, and only happening every-so often...


it's only smudged STATISTICALLY, that way,.. as <5% / however much...

in a simplified-statistics sense,.. REALITY, those under the abuse, are getting it 95% of the time, if you're only getting it 5% of the time,..
in a simplified-statistics sense,.. OK?


In particular, in my experience, from pro-federation players, who started their abuse on me, as soon as i started to fight federation factions soon after starting to play 3 or so years ago,..

quite obviously causing problems whenever i would be fighting a federation faction, but then when fighting a independent or empire,
would do nothing, and i could finish a session, complete missions un-IMPEDED,.. etc.

but as soon as i started targeting a federation one again,.. the problems would re-start again.


LIKE that, it came as no surprise, to realise when i discovered that i was connecting via,
a Amazon AWS, after someone told me,.. notice,.. that MOST Amazon employees, are of course Americans,
or at least, the local Amazon AWS servers, are likely EXTERNALLY managed, by some tool in NY or wherever, Texas perhaps! oh! joy. maybe reviewed, perhaps even accessed, during maintenance, and perhaps also maintained VIA, remote-access,.. ( 3rd party maintainer is a military lan in the UK, with USA connections, pretending to be a small-start-up business? that's a worst-case scenario ... who knows? )

so in terms of potentials of TRACING,..

...whomever does what they did to me, or in terms of adding/updating what they do on the A.AWS server in terms of corrupt code,.. could be doing so while remaining HIDDEN, and perhaps some pressured staff at my local, don't know what all the complaints have been about - in that case, sorry guys, but if you can't handle them, ASK FOR HELP! report the failure of Amazon, to do whatever is needed, "on THIS server", "because of THESE complaints!"

we won't care if you're giving cut&paste (private) descriptions to those who care in Amazon about not ing off customers too-much,
when it comes to acting on INTERNAL employees.
internal employees, are ALREADY under their powers, already, obliged, already,.. able to be punished.


i also detailed to Frontier , what same-filesize hidden / corrupted code is,.. so as to HIGHLIGHT what is not enough, and what a solution might be.


so ;

what is it?

well.. two things, basically ;

1 i'm no security expert, but triangulation of things like mission-details, being stored on the master servers, for as long as they're stored on one's local server, should allow for two-way checking, by all THREE positions / running programs, and that should raise the stakes of WHERE, something might need to be hacked, ( from the hacker's perspective ) , which should make doing what they do, very difficult if not impossible, assuming they do not have unimpeded access to a client as well as that client's server,..

1-2 ...but it would also allow for the master-servers, to TEST, behaviours, on one or both of the external servers, as well as clients connected to them, for the 'everyday' transactions / data flows.

and most-importantly for ppl with limited data-usage,

turning triangulation-checking ON,
could be OPTIONAL.

and 2 ;

empower your service rep.s ... to AT LEAST be able to report summarize,
what players describe, in terms of accusations of cheating / suspicious behaviour,..

so instead of CRITICAL-for
QUALITY OF SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, by-product, of players reports, going no-where fast,.. into the 'efficient' , way of handling tickets,..

it goes INTO, useable, concern-raising, why's the interest dropping? answers,..

An optional 3rd, was 1 of two things ;

3(1) was-to also create a remote-access of the Amazon AWS, FOR Frontier to use,
and then use a RANDOMLY-generating random-size, raondom-file-space location, amongst the installation-files, the don't-change, don't adapt, installation files,
non-localized , standard code, of any server-installation ...

and don't just file-size check them ... use your new access, to check the random code samples,.. CONTENT,..
with what's meant to be in a clean server-install.

3(2) was-to if you've got anyone in each AWS's city,.. in my case Sydney,.. or wherever, for whichever AWS you're talking about,..
randomly send around, someone TO, the Amazon office,..
in a modified contract/agreement,..

and use a aggressive code-checking program, to seek out CONTENT differences,
(per the file-size check flaw's limits),..

so while some smug git might know that most of the time what s/he does will not be noticed,.. s/he'll never know whether or not it'll be 6 months later before the next check, or perhaps only 2 weeks. (y)

That's randomising the frequency for each AWS visit,.. but with a 1-at-a-time, order ;

so it's like ;
Brabben (or the other guy - sorry other-guy! rude of me,.. he gets all the inerviews, eh? whatever your name is! :))

rolls the EXECUTIVE dice, and does it on PAPER & PEN, so no-one can know...

server1 20 weeks
server2 4 weeks
server3 12 weeks
server4 3 weeks
server5 7 weeks
server6 15 weeks

and then a SORTing, orders them - 3 weeks, 4, 7, 12, 15, 20.
that sorts into,.. servers 4, 2, 5, 3, 6, 1.

and then THAT's the order, that he then sends the surprise NEEDing-direct-access for a reliable scan,.. scan. takes a laptop or something, with a agreed limited-function limit on what the laptop can do, by limits of installations - the Amazon tech would need to watch a fresh HHD wipe & quick-install of whatever was agreed on, i would imagine. :unsure:

plugs in... the program compares from a few DVDs, what's in code on the server... then also checks executables in other programs, then also checks COMMONLY-used-files.... windows/server-OS files ... shrugs i don't know.

wherever hidden/embedded code might be hiding - Amazon AWS probably have immense HHDs,..
but on the other hand, are they super-computers? they no doubt also have A LOT, of grunt. It might mean the visitor might have to sit there for a few hours,
( using spare-CPU / mem-space, i mean, obviously. no performance drop )
but if they've travelled around the world on a budget, just to do a reliable check, then what's a few hours?


if you did SOME of these, ( the last one's probably only a dream )
but some of the others perhaps,
maybe one day, we'll actually get what we deserve,..

instead of slightly cheaper costs of paintjobs and bobbleheads, being 4.95 , instead of 9,95 ... wow! what a difference that makes, to LONG TERM players, who .... phhhhh, never rage-quit over seeing the same exploit / cheat, for the 100th time, now does it? :rolleyes:

we're so F***ing privileged to receive the benefits of 'efficient' ticket-handling.

read,.. "efficient ticket handling" ,
read,.. lying to the customers' faces.


Without AT LEAST, proper, useful stats coming from the service-rep.s,
all we'll ever get,.. a CHEAP AND NASTY, version of what the game,..



makes me wonder why i bother playing at all.

Cmdr Vurrath1
in a nutshell... :censored: deep-breath... the 'efficient' ticket-handling, is turning reporting cheating, INTO, generalised complaints,..
well,.. it HAD been,
during the 1st/2nd year of my playing,.. there's now a option for reporting exploits/cheating.

mmm... it's ... it's at least now not communicating BACK TO players, when they report something - you just get a "closed" ... and who knows what someone's done with it.

while on the performance side, it's from me... 5 out of 5 for the game engine...
but the PvE-fairness failing, lets non- also-cheating players down, so badly,
like in this example,.. that it's a game ruiner,..
blah blah ... so.. there's a few suggestions,..
blah blah...

this disappointment, is a big part of why people have left ED over-time...
blah blah ...


... then finally, 'in a sentence',..
the savings FROM the efficient-ticket-handling, is not WORTH, how much is being sacrificed FOR it.


This blatant one, is an example.
( and yeah, i've got screenshots, if you must. )
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The odd effect of influence assignment for certain massacre missions is a bug - though not one that appears to have been reported on the issue tracker at - if you've got screenshots of the mission results screens, you're in a better position than me to make the report: on the bug report list, not as a support ticket.

Anyway, this isn't "cheating". There's no way another player can cause this to happen to you, and it happens for all missions of that type regardless of which faction they target. Same would happen if someone else took a mission of that type against the faction you're supporting.
TLDR - American Elite players have taken control of Amazon's servers and are using them to directly control his game client, to prevent him lowering the influence of a specific minor faction in the game. Is that the gist of it?

Other than that, there's a minor display glitch in some mission completion screens where an arrow that should be blue is shown as red.
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