ATMs: Bugged or just weird?

I completed a park and was excited to follow a guest around to see how they discovered the park. After a bit, I found that once they ran out of money, they would attempt to use an ATM but quickly decide to do something else (usually just after a few seconds, not enough time to realistically reach an ATM). I found that a lot of my guest ended up going from ride to ride (or shop to shop) even though they almost no money left.

I brought the issue up on steam and a ton of people complained about half the peps in their park having no money and yet hardly any of them use the ATMs.

I added a ton of ATMs to my park and started advertising to them but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Is this a bug? Some people said that most of the guest are simply programmed not to use ATMs?

thanks for any help!
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