Automatic route plotting: EDRouteManager


Here is a tool (EDRouteManager) I've developed for use in conjunction with :

How it works:

It is a combination of:
- A script for AutoHotKey
- An executable windows software

After having customized the AutoHotKey script, you can store your route (systems list) in a text file.
After that, in game you have:
- One shortcut (F11) to plot the next step of the route. It opens GalMap, paste the next system, plot the route, and quit the GalMap.
- One shortcut (F12) to show a windows to show all steps, and select which one to use as a next step


1) Install AutoHotKey:

2) Download and unzip somewhere

3) Open the AutoHotKey script with a file text editor: AutoHotKey_Script_standard.ahk

3.1) Modify the first lines to put your ED key bindings (Lines 1-6):
; ------- Define ED KeyBindings here -------
OpenGalMapKey = {F5}
NextPanelTab = {End}
UIPanelSelect = {Space}
UIPanelRight = {Right}
UIBack = {Backspace}
Autohotkey Keys codes list :

3.2) If needed modify the EDRouteManager shortcuts in the same file :
At Lines 14-15
; ------- Set shortcut here to plot route to next system (before ::) -------
and at Lines 62-63

; ------- Set shortcut here to select next system in the list (before ::) -------
3.3) Save the file and close it


1) In the software directory, you have a file named route.txt. In this file, you have to put your route: one system name by line (obtained for example from

2) Launch the AutoHotKey script (double click on it should work)

3) Use it with Elite Dangerous !

If it doesn't work:

By default EDRouteManager use two macros to:
1) Detect when the GalMap is opened (it waits for the GalpMap screen cheching some pixels colors). This suppose a full screen setting.
2) When the searched system has been reached in the GalMap (it waits for the screen content to not change a lot). This suppose to have only ED on the screen (no videos...).

If you use VR or Overlaping screens, these macros could not work properly.
In this case you case replace the two macros with simple delays, by setting >0 values in ms in the AutoHotKey script file (at Lines 9-11):

; Set > 0 values (in ms) to replace the automatic method by the selected delays
WaitForGalaxyMapTime = 0
WaitForStableScreen = 0

*EDIT : Missing files added in the zip archive

Fly safe.
CMDR Alistair Hope.
SEPP Reservist Commander.
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