Batlle Recorder

We need some kind of battle recorder (A lot like Rocketleagues Replay system). If I am understanding the P2P system correctly our computer is already recieving all the info needed (Ship XYZ, loadouts, paint, Weapon strikes ect...) It just needs to record that info. Then we could have an option in our right functions screen to save last battle. We could view the replay via a similar system as the debug camera and use a screen capture program of our choice to capture the shots and angles we want. This would give content creators huge incentive to make content involving your game as they would not have to reenact parts of the battle to get shots outside of the standard forward facing screen. Rocket League has done this system and it has paid off with alot of video content of their game, I think it would give elite quite a bit more exposure (Not that it needs it). I would really like something like this, and im sure many other cmdrs would as well.
Slightly different, but it would be very cool, that if you scooped a black box, that you'd get to view the last moments of the ship that had been destroyed. At the very least it would be a good lead-on to some sort of mission or part of a bounty contract,

"My son has gone missing in the Ross 154 system, please find out what has happened to him!"

Find black box.

"I'm done for, drives failing, shields nearly gone. I've hidden the painite canisters on Tau Ceti... [transmission ends]"

.. ship destroyed by - INS Furious Hope
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