Beginners Guide to Ship building and Outfitting

Notes re. the docking computer section: It only activates when you are travelling below a certain speed threshold (which I think but can't confirm right now differs based on the ship you are flying; probably expressed as a percentage of total max speed rather than a fixed speed per ship?), and the threshold applies both in forward and reverse speeds (i.e. if you are travelling above the speed either in reverse or forward). Additionally it can be deactivated by manually setting your speed above said threshold in either direction (handy to know when the DC messes up an approach; you can hit full reverse and effectively take control to reposition your ship for an approach through the slot or hit full ahead if being targetted by a hostile contact while attempting to land).

Figured it's worth pointing out since for someone not familiar with the DC they can easily request docking permission and not set their speed below that threshold, resulting in the DC not actually taking control and the pilot questioning whether it's really working or not.
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