Best experience in Elite

I fly 18 jumps to a Li Yong control system that I know has a very expensive 8A powerplant for 15% off.
I arrive.
I dock.
I go to outfitting.
I see the 8A powerplant.
I go to purchase, do an exchange.
Elite suddenly freezes for ~5 minutes. Recovers.
I still have my original powerplant.
Ok, try again. Maybe network lag or something.
8A powerplant no longer available at this station.
Relog, switch to private / solo. Still no 8A Powerplant at station.


Since, apparently all I wanted to do was waste a bunch of time today, I thought I would make a post about this and waste all of yours too. My dream is that perhaps frontier will read this and their time will now be wasted like mine was.
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I've had this (commodities too) where it's available at another station in the system.

My best experience in ED was returning to the bubble to cash in my data following a loop around the core. That sentence alone makes it seem a mundane task but there was a little more to it.

When I started the game I promised myself I would re-earn my Acornsoft badge (see my avatar pic), earned for reaching Elite in the original game. IIRC you had to do it within the first year, & send off a postcard (included in the box) with a code the game supplied.

I started on 13th Jan 2015, and by August was Combat Elite, so I gave myself a stretch target of reaching Triple Elite before the 13th Jan 2016.
By Mid December 2015 I got my Trade Elite & was about half way through Pioneer for Exploration. I had time for one big trip, needed a little over 40mCr and on a previous trip to SagA* I'd earned 30m (mostly honking & scooping) so I knew what it was going to take, and roughly how long it would take.

With hindsight I didn't have to go to such extremes, but I wanted the fastest ship in the game, just to make sure I could get back from wherever I went in time.

I looped around the outer core (the really bright bit), mostly searching for black holes and O&B class stars until I realised that I wasn't sure how much cash I'd earned & if it wasn't enough I needed to allow time for another trip, so I called a friend for help. It's the only time in my ED 'career' I've ever felt I couldn't do something alone, but a lot was riding on this, I had to make it back in one piece, I had to have enough and I couldn't wait.

I was in a 40ly Conda with a 1d distro & a 3a PP. No weapons, minimal shield, fastest ship in the game (this was before engineers) If I got attacked by a single NPC there would be nothing I could do but put four pips to shields & wait for the FSD to charge.

I needed a wingmate. Considering what I had riding on that trip I wanted an armarda but I have a few PvP buddies & one agreed to fly out to an agreed rendezvous system outside the bubble, in a fully equipped PvP Python.

I travelled 10,000ly in the time it took for him to get his solid hunk of metal out to meet me, I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've ever impressed a PvPer with just how much ground it was possible to cover.

We met up in supercruise, winged up & jumped into the destination system where I had left my gunrunner Cobra MkIII (the other fastest ship in the game, weaponless but unkillable) & travelled the most uneventful 500ls, sweat literally pouring off my brow, my wingmate wondering what all the fuss was about ;)

I made it into dock, switched ships & bid my buddy thanks & farewell as I left his Python far behind.

As best experiences go I imagine I'm unlikely to top that.
Should file a false advertising complaint against the starport with the BBB.
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