Patch Notes Update Beta 2.2 - Update 7

This seems strange.

You've removed the motivation to start with a low rank fighter pilot, rank, and then keep them alive (and be attached to the idea of keeping them)?

Now it's basically best to just start with max rank and replace as needed.

I have to agree here. Shouldn't there be a perk to leveling up an NPC?

Maybe scale the increases so that they increase by half. That way a Harmless pilot working up to Elite still earns more money than before, but less than hiring someone already Elite?


It's still cheaper to develop a low ranked pilot than to hire the higher ranked ones.


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It's still cheaper to develop a low ranked pilot than to hire the higher ranked ones.


The profit share over the long term is where the real bite is though?

If it stayed low from investing in a low rank pilot it would be worth the original effort, now doesn't seem like it.
Still no Powerplay modules and weapons for everyone.

How are we supposed to test the APA if we can't get it??? Same goes with Yuri Grom's missiles.
- Many starsystems were controlled by planet settlements. These have all been upgraded to dockable bases

Can we get a list of those? And can you say if they became Planetary Ports or Planetary Outposts?

The reason is... we have all stations kind of mapped already, and with this update all tools and sites holding ED station data would have lots of wrong information if we had no clue what changed.
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Yes - although you will need to do a surface scan to view the planetary map in its full glory.


Cool - so when you honk the ADS you'll see all the planets and a (low resolution) planetary image - such as you might see with a long-distance telescope. To see the surface detail (surface map), you need to have scanned the planet.

Sounds good. Though there still is the odd logic that you need to scan a planet to tell what type it is, even though you can tell in the system map based on how it looks and sounds.
I'm fine with this. Granted I WISH the planets would be blotted out till scanned (oh to dream - hand reaches out wistfully towards a dev design that was...) I can live with seeing the planets (like people are used to) but needing a basic scan to get a detailed map.

I think blotting out planet icons so that determining their type is impossible without a surface scan would have made exploration more interesting if this is how the mechanic had always been implemented. However, at this stage, taking away the planet icon after a honk would be far too drastic of a change to how exploration is done. Instead, the devs should focus on adding other types of scientific scans and geological scans to make exploration more interesting - as well as adding more content to planetary surfaces, such as caves, bacterial mats, exotic life forms, etc. I think as the game unfolds and liquid and atmospheres are added to planets, these types of gameplay arcs for explorers will open up. Overall, I think the detailed planetary map feature being added by a detailed surface scan is an example of this. A previously unavailable feature added that becomes available as a result of gameplay - in this case, scanning.
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I have over 3600 hours on this game was never big on exploration now this... if its intended just sparked my interest in exploration.

Me, too! Now there is a sense of mystery when visiting a new system. What are those planets like? Maybe I need to go take a look! [hotas]

Edit: I now see the post about this being an unintentional effect. Oh well. The compromise with the surface scan sounds okay.

Give us an unexpected friday launch please! :([sad]

That would be great. I am now in that mood where I have stopped played 2.1 because 2.2 sounds so much better. :D
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It's still cheaper to develop a low ranked pilot than to hire the higher ranked ones.


Thanks Michael. Could you please advise what costs to expect so that we can test that's it is working as planned?
Right. I'd like to have an idea if it is 'worth it' to start with a lower ranked NPC, or not. That comes down to what is the difference in pay, and how much is 'worth it' to each commander.

If you tend to die a lot, no need to hire low ranked NPC's. They'll be dead long before you can make use of any increase in rank.

If you don't die often, it wouldn't take much difference to make it worth it to hire low ranked NPC's.

I'd still like to know the progression of a NPC going from harmless to elite vs hiring an Expert and ranking them to Elite. Is it straight line? Expo? Anyone got the numbers?
That would be great. I am now in that mood where I have stopped played 2.1 because 2.2 sounds so much better. :D

Funny you should say that - I've spent quite a few hours testing 2.2, I went back to the 2.1 live game and thought "urgh...". The station menus themselves are so much better (when you get used to them).

I think I'll keep 'testing' 'till 2.2 goes live :)
I'm curious. If you now need to use planetary scanner just to see the planet/moon in all it's glory in the system map is this a sign of more to come with the system map. I don't see the point in having a planetary map instead of a grid sphere when you can still see land bases and your icon on both. What extra functionality apart from graphical does the full glory planet visual give you ?
This is truly terrible FDEV.

It has officially ruined my immersion because you have removed the telescopes from the basic scanner.

Awful, awful thing.

(I am French, I use a translator, I hope the translation is good)

check the correct column, this is the second column of the details of the planets.

"Fix planet scan logic to ensure that planet terrain is only visible if the planet has had a basic scan performed on it"

I do not understand much has English and yet I read "planet terrain".. unless he knows not write .. it is only for "planet terrain".

ok you have not paid attention ;-)

by cons if other black planet is one that was not scan ?

on the map of the system let the black is not stylish.. I think it should rather concern only the planetary map.. only matter of elegance, nop !!?

that's what you mean? ok I misunderstood, but I am not English so it goes lol.
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2.2 Beta 7 Change Log

Galaxy/System Map

- Fix planet scan logic to ensure that planet terrain is only visible if the planet has had a basic scan performed on it

As others have already stated, I'd also like to see Exploration payouts (emphasis : 1st Discoveries) get a major buff.
After all, getting new Objects mapped is what it's all about.

Given the lack of dedicated Exploration Missions in the Mission System even after 2 years, I think that is in order.

The current 50% Bonus for 1st discoveries provides little incentive, since even with a bunch of those it still yields mere breadcrumbs when compared to any other profession in the game.
It may sound wild at first, but seeing something like a 250% Bonus for 1st Discoveries IMHO would be a fair deal.

Bounty Hunting, Mining, Trading or especially Mission-running offers massive payouts for fairly little time and fairly little risk.
An Explorer making a single mistake at the wrong place or time risks to lose many days, weeks or even months of very hard work (!)
I really think it's time for that to get the proper reward, even it it's limited to some more meaningful Credits by Universal Cartographics.

Seeing unscanned Planets not immediately reveal their exact nature in the System Map is actually something I welcome.
But if that means (outside of "listening to the System Map") far more work is needed, i.e. physically scan inside the estimated Goldilocks zones and either get lucky or not, that payout buff really seems overdue - if only for 1st Discoveries.

At least that's the way I honestly see it.
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