Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four 3.3

A certain amount of things not going to plan on day #1 of an update is, alas, to be expected. On the evening of day #2? Well that could strike one as careless were it not for the fact that one has just been to their own office party and then got home to discover two bottles of Hutton gin infused beer waiting for them. FD's ability to provide adequate server coverage for their globally successful game might be disappointingly inadequate but the generosity and awesomeness of their community has no bounds!
Somehow I fail to see the differnce,elite is a grind fest only because it has no other content, although that is slowly changing for the better with more points of interest that can lead toi personal quests being introduced into the game, it's a huge, empty galaxy atm but more storylines are being introduced, games are toys, things that are designed to occupy periods of boredom.

Always said it about this game, could be awesome but has no content, still like it though, saying this as a player that has engineered nothing and is dissapointed in certain nerfs that force a grind.

I think what you say is true about content, but like so much of elite Blaze your own trails, creating content is a part of that.

Check out Commanders Crosby's post in this thread and you would see what I mean He has taken the basic Elite Game and turned a small section of the galaxy into a lively and fun place to play. In a nutshell Elite is what you make it.
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