Beyond - Chapter One: Launch Livestreams

Will Flanagan

Community Manager
Hello commanders,

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One releases tomorrow! The servers will be down for maintenance, but we've put together this list of top-notch Elite Dangerous streamers who will be exploring the live version of the content when the servers come online!

Whether you have a need to be entertained or have questions about the game, these guys have you covered:

Unspecified Times/From Launch

Please note that times and schedules are subject to change (and the availability of the servers).

Don't see your name/time on this list but streaming Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One? Reply to this thread and we'll add you!

If you're thinking about setting up Elite Dangerous streams in general, and want to be added on these schedules for future content updates, get in touch with us here:
Gonna miss them all.
As always.
But that's what I get for being in the States and having a day job... well, that, plus paid, and the legal ability to collect, carry and use firearms without a Governmental Nanny sticking their noses in my business, and a lot less in taxes, and... well, other stuff. Sure, my neighbors might not all be the nicest, politest, or even friendliest, and no one would stop to pick up a hitchhiker, but you take the good with the bad everywhere you go.
Oh no, do we have to watch that_90s_kid twice ?! Say it isn't so. :D

Looking forward to it. I see the disclaimer, but does this mean we expect to be live by 1pm I wonder, with Malic not being advertised as pre-launch? Seems like it.
I've been dying to stream Elite again and I think the updates to trading will finally have made a second tab with EDDB open unnecessary, so I'll be online tomorrow around 6pm PST, assuming we wrap my part when we're supposed to, lol
I was under the impression that the Beyond update would go live automatically, at 12 AM GMT, without any real help from any of the devs at Frontier. I end up having to work tomorrow, so was hoping to get a jump in on the new stuff early - had no beta access for me... xbox one player here.

So... if anyone has time of release, I'll be grateful!! Then again, I'm done at 2 pm EST. :)
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