Biffa's Ravine Park Playthrough LP - All my vids posted here :-)

Hi all,

Rather than fill up the forum with every video post I thought I would start this thread for my LP/Gameplay videos starting with the Ravine park map. I LOVE THIS MAP!!!!

Episode 1 is up and later today in Episode 2 i build the most amazing Coaster using the landscape, ravines, hills and holes on the map! I'! Thank you Dev's [happy][happy]

Any questions or feedback either leave it here or on the vid itself as I reply to all comments.


Don't forget I have a Press Event video with an interview/chat with Nick, Head of Animation:
And my video on how to Unlock The Coasters tab on the Earlybird/Alpha release:

Biffa :)
Hi guys,

Here's episode 2 that went up yesterday. Had great fun designing a Coaster to go up, over, around and through the amazing terrain on the Ravine Map. Enjoy [happy]