Newcomer / Intro Blackbox missions driving me nuts

Hello all. Been trying to do some blackbox missions and I go to the place of where the location is suppose to be but nothing. Example: I go to a system, and looking at the menu of the galaxy map it shows the area\location in Blue. I hit the spacebar and it says it is mission related. Inching my way towards the star\sun, I still see nothing. If I drop out of hyperspace then jump back into it, I get a message on the "Info" "Discovered Mission Related Signal Source" then that message disappears. I use to remember that a Blue circle mission icon would pop up and I could go to it and drop out of hyperspace and retrieve it. Has something changed in regards of finding it (I just started playing again not to long ago and never had problems with finding blackbox's)?
I used the search menu but it had old posting's.
Scan the nav beacon first.
Then go to the blue globe icon from the navigation panel.
You may need to look for a mission signal source when you get close.

These can be a little hit and miss.
Yet another option is to use FSS. But you need some time to get used to it. After that you'll be able to find mission related signal sources faster than with the nav beacon.
Did you remember to turn your ship towards the signal and select it?

If you can't see it go to the Navigation tab and select it there.
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Yes, using FSS is now the best option for finding mission specific USSs, I think.
If you scan a Nav Beacon it will usually just point you towards a planet and once you're there, the mission USS pops up.

But I haven't done Black Boxes in a while, now as they often go against what I'm trying to accomplish in a system, so don't mind me.
I've done several salvage missions recently and a Nav Beacon scan has always shown me the mission USS. Sorry to hear it doesn't work for others. Did you bug report it? :unsure:

Remember that you need to get back into supercruise to see Signal Sources in the Navigation panel.
Thanks guys!. I think it was the Compromised Nav Beacon is where it was located. Once I slowed to a crawl to it, I was able to hit "J" and drop out of Cruise mode. Got nailed by multiple ships in my Anaconda but not destroyed and was able to jump out. Have to find an easy blackbox mission to do.
Whenever I take blackbox missions, I usually have to collect 3 to complete it. What I’ve found is that there’s not quite enough time to collect all three w my cargo hatch, because as soon as I approach the first one, hostiles show up and start pummeling me. So, what I do is use a fast ship (my engineered cobra does well) and scoop up one box, then go right back to supercruise. Then I look on nav panel, find another mission objective signal, travel to that one, repeat, then repeat third time. By rushing in, grabbing just one, then rushing out I never even have to engage the hostile ships.
Collector limpets that have been instructed to collect just one target move much faster!

So my approach is to drop in/open contacts/select black box(s)/launch limpet(s)/drop hatch.

You usually get a good 10-15 seconds to work before any hostiles drop in. So you can be ready to make your getaway...

As it stands though, black box missions tend to pay poorly for the time investment. Some missions just seem to be stocking fillers to increase the variety of play styles but with no attention to balance.
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