Broken save or broken game?

Activate FSD to jump to a new system, timer counts to zero but doesn't disappear, enter supercruise/hyperspace but I don't cover any distance even though I appear to be moving, controls are completely locked up but I can ctrl+alt+g and change from exploration mode to combat mode. Game menu doesn't work so I have to task manager end the game. restarted game and pc to change. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. Really don't want to lose my progress. Please help
Someone else earlier this week had the same issue. His resolution was to install and run from the non-steam version

I think the summary was that he had two accounts, one steam the other not and had been using the steam install for both. Something "broke" and his steam install was having this issue with his non-steam account. Might be worth a quick search to find the thread.

edit: I found it
Two things you can try. You did not mention if this was a PC. If it is and you have a registry cleaner of some kind, like Registry First Aid or CCleaner, try uninstalling all instances of the game. Then clean up your registry for all entries of Elite, reinstall and see of the game works again.

Try entering Elite Dangerous from the main menu and using the "non-horizons" version to clear your route and jump out somewhere. Then try your "horizons" version and see if the game works again.

The fix mentioned by Jaggid Edje assumes you have two installs, which you did not mention, as was assumed.

I think it's a bad registry entry and cleaning up your registry may solve your issue.

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