Browsing throught objects is already starting to be overwhelming

Searching for objects is really overwhelming. There's many objects and not enough filter and the winter update made that worst. (not that i don't like new objects) Adding filter won't really help as we will need filters for the filters eventually. That just silly.

The fix for this is pretty easy in my opinion. Rct3 had folder for sets. Why can't we have the same but even more. The way i would do it is:

Buildind>wall>Wall decorations>Icing detail>(objects)
Buildind>wall>Wall>Gingerbread walls>(objects)
Scenary>Nature>Rocks>Alpine rocks>(objects)

Basically when clicking on (exp) rocks, there could be only 1 icon of each type and when clicking on one, it would show all. Ideally the best transitions would be that it would push the other folder down to show all the objects in the selected one.

I can't be the only who think this is really a problem? And we are in the first update. If it's not a problem for you now it surely will be with an expansion. Thoughts?
If you know roughly what you are looking for the "Search" box is great.
You don't have to spell out the whole word either. Just enter part of the word and it will filter for you.
Between the filters and the search box I find I can usually navigate pretty well at the moment.
If anything I think the blueprints list needs an overhaul there isn't any good way to filter them down and if names of items don't necessarily indicate what they are/contain so you end up just constantly scrolling through
On topic:
The object list is better than the system RCT3 had. I've always found the folders irritating because you had to click, scroll, click, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll...
But maybe your suggestion could work here, because it's not a tiny window and there's much more space in PC.
If you know roughly what you are looking for the "Search" box is great.
You don't have to spell out the whole word either. Just enter part of the word and it will filter for you.
Between the filters and the search box I find I can usually navigate pretty well at the moment.
I agree, I adore the search function - just need to remember a few letters of what you're after - speeds things up for me no-end!
I am always up for better categorization and folders. I really feel as though "My Blueprints" could use some more high level folders. I'm thinking like a legit "My Blueprints" and a "Workshop Downloaded Blueprints (name it however you wish)" folder. That way I can see my blueprints a lot faster and easier compared to the ones I've gotten off the workshop. I think more categories would be nice as well.

I've actually taken the initiative to rename/retag various blueprints and then unsubscribing from people who are too lazy to tag their creations correctly. It's helped a little bit, but I have a lot of downloaded creations and sometimes it can be daunting to find what I'm looking for.
I'd love to see "Themes" buttons on the left hand side rather than just being filters. And/or break up some of the pieces into new categories because overall I agree, some of these menus can be a bit much to scroll through that would be better served with more categories.
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What I feel it would be easier, is to have all the different wall pieces as 1 set, plain and generic. Then, just like the color selector, also have a texture selector.
I would love to see themes get a more vital role in the UI, whereas the filter allows you to go deeper in or within themes

However, I can't help but feel that we should discuss the current building categories as a whole for there are a lot of objects or categories that don't make sense. For instance:
Why is there a light section in both the building as the scenery tab?
The iron box lamp feels very much scenery, but is in buildings, the square lantern could very much fit on buildings. It doesn't make sense to have that distributed, merge both light sections in one.

Why is there an advertisement section in both scenery and buildings?
Sure, the ones in scenery all have some footer and the ones in buildings are to be pasted upon buildings. But as shops are already build in buildings, it doesn't make much sense to place Chief Beef somewhere far from it. I'd love to see them merged for clarity.

Why are planters not a section in the nature catagory?
They are plants, whether it's in a pot or not. Personally I would much rather see them in the scenery/nature section

And finally, why are any of the following items in the Walls/WallDecorations tab?:
Castle Window Extension (roof/decor)
Decorative Wooden Railing (Decorations)
Fibreglass Terminal (scenery/props)
Wooden Stepladder (Decorations)
Planet Coaster Railing (Decorations)
Wooden Balcony Base(decorations || flat roofs?)
Metal Walkway stairs (Decorations)
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The separation between Wall Extensions, Building Decorations, Rooftop Decoration and actual Scenery props is completely arbitrary and rarely is an item positioned in the category where I expected it to be. The best way to find something is to show all props and roughly learn the position by heart or search away. Which totally defeats the purpose of having categories in the first place and you are at the mercy of the names and tags given; Like many things in the game, the tags are half-baked at best.

More often than not, I know what I need and how it looks like, but I can't find it because it is an illogical category or weirdly named. It also doesn't help that many building items do not match their preview picture, making you miss it in a quick glance. E.g. some stucco and castle walls are white or have some weird lighting in the preview, making them indistinguishable from the plaster set and creating the perception they are not going to fit with other walls in the same set.

Lastly, I don't know if it is just my machine, but the object browser seems to be overwhelming to the CPU as well. Searching in the "all" category (which really is the only option since I don't where the thing is cateogorized this time! ) lags like crazy, because it searches on every keystroke, even when you are clearly not done typing. It feels pretty sluggish and unpleasant, why not wait for a few miliseconds, check if there is no additional keyboard input coming, and then start the search? Scrolling through the large list also lags more than it should but it is less obnoxious.
I agree that until you basically memorize where things are, the way it's currently set up seems at times rushed and/or arbitrary... Some lights are found under scenery, while others are found under building tools... Same goes for signage - "Wall Signs" under Building Tools and other signs under Scenery...

Someone suggested it earlier - EVERYTHING should be in folders categorized by theme. If there is a specific antique lantern I want to use in a Saloon, for example, I should be able to find it this way: WESTERN -> SCENERY -> LIGHTING

A Shooting Pirate for a Battle scene? PIRATE -> SCENERY -> ANIMATRONICS

A Classic Brick Wall for a Main Street shop facade? GENERAL -> BULDINGS -> CLASSIC BRICK

A Generic/Customizable Billboard with image upload feature? GENERAL -> SCENERY -> SIGNS ... Oh wait, PC doesn't have customizable billboards like its predecessor, never mind.

**** I've also noticed that sometimes Filtering by Theme doesn't bring up all of that theme's pieces. I'm sure this is a bug.

**** It is also frustrating to have certain filter options, that when checked off, result in <EMPTY> This makes me think the game is incomplete, or vast amounts of scenery were cut due to time and will be added later... maybe.
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I warned the devs about this back in Alpha. I suggested back then that they provide a way for people to make custom filters. For example..some of us have favorite modders whose items we like to use and reuse. Being able to create a custom filter for that would save a lot of time and aggravation. Sure, you can use search to filter buildings, but the second you drop one, decide you don't like it, you have to go back and retype the same filter and scroll through the results again. There should be a way to save filters or at least to return to the previous sort. I made all these suggestions back in Alpha level one. The last thing I want is to have to scroll through hundreds of items a la RCT3 to find that one I need at the moment. Seems to me the devs are more interested in adding new rides and deco than in actually fixing the very poor design of the blueprint management system.
A good start is probably that Planet Coaster remembers the last visited objects and filters you used after you closed the screen and reopens it.
i was jk [wink] but I only wrote one line nor did i create the thread. I put more effort in when writing an OP or longer comment
I agree here. The organization of all the props and building items needs to be structured/organized differently.
Or add a favorites tab instead of just a recent tab.

For example: I end up using the 4x4 wall pieces mostly to plan out buildings, would be easy if i could just favorite those in all my favorite materials