Parks Building Heurville

On a hill somewhere in the south of The Netherlands I've started to create something that's going to chance the region big time. I don't know how I can finance it, but let's say I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ([money]) and instead of spending it on some cars and a huge crib, I figured building a theme park would be the smartest thing to do.[yesnod]

Although I've spend a big amount of hours in this park already, there is nothing finished yet, as I'm just rushing from one building to another ride, then back to that building and in between those steps I've created some foliage on the other side of the park. It's just to much to put it all in one session, so I work on everything at the same time. This means the park is expanding quick, but there's not much to show cause nothing is finished. Which gave me the idea to show some parts of it, without drawing the attention to the (missing) details. Consider it a preview/impression instead of an overview. [wink]

The entrance

A small castle that will stand out above the trees, which can give the people that well known feeling when you see the first ride/building/sign of the park you're going to visite. It contains two information desks, a clock and some benches. But nothing to extreme, I would like to add that the pot of gold wasn't completely filled. Therefore the park will not contain a Disney like castle. Everything will be modest, just big enough to make it look awesome.

The eat and drink stand on the hill

A small place where people can eat, drink and dump their internal trash. It will be located between the two first rides of the park.

The Sky Ace

Better known as the Wild Blue, this ride has changed it's name to Sky Ace, cause there was no Wild Blue sign available... It's placed on the hill, which will make it rise above the most buildings, foliage and other rides.

The aeronauts
This is a ride with medium intensity but quite some theming. Actually inspired by the Octopus in Slagharen. A decade ago I visited this park almost every year. There was a seaworld themed ride, with an Octopus in the middle and high blue walls (which gave it the impression if like you were in the ocean). I thought I could make something like it using the desert rocks (afcourse it should give a desert feeling instead of a sea feeling.

Funny thing; when I went online to find a good picture of the Octopus ride, I actually discovered it is now replaced by El Torito. This is actually the same ride, but it now has a Wild West theme, which mine was going and has turned out to be too. Isn't that a coincidence?[wacky]

I hope that I'll be able to give an update soon. Let me know what your first impressions are![yesnod]
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