Scenarios Camelot - Fix up an abandoned themepark


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After years of decline, Camelot Themepark closed it's gates for the last time. Over time the park has fallen into disrepair, with rides being sold, vandalism, theft and rubbish being left behind. The local community along with the support of a mysterious benefactor want to restore this park and make it even better than it was before.

Some of the original buildings must remain, as well as the iconic Knightmare rollercoaster, (Recreated lovingly by @gregorburns).

This park is based on the closed Lancashire, England park. However, it is not an exact replica. I have not visited the park but friends and I (@gregorburns, @Crowdpleaser) were inspired when driving past on a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We are going to rebuild our own version in game, from this base. I thought it would be fun to release it as a scenario before we adapt it for our needs.

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