Can One Person Make A Difference?


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I would think you also need to be unopposed and have no random traffic. In the latter case we've seen small to medium size system go up one day then down the next from an equal size input from our group just due to random traffic (we think - no other explanation we can come up with anyway)
The main reason I'm interested in systems with larger populations is because if this system is going to be my "home", it has to have a place to land my larger ships.
I wouldn't pick a populated system. I've converted them before, but, eventually, one of the larger player groups is going to see what you've done and they'll undo your weeks worth of work in a matter of days. You'll sit there helplessly as your percentage goes from 50% to 40% to 30%, etc. If you're lucky, they might leave you with an outpost. And then they'll laugh at how pathetic you are on the Frontier forums.

The BGS is designed to crush the little guy.
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