Can we build other attractions too, not just rollercoasters?

I admit I haven't bought the game yet, as there is one simple issue that's make it or break it for me: The other attractions. From what I've seen, we can build our own stores and our own rollercoasters, and I saw an awesome video of some guy building a pirate-themed castle for the rollercoaster entrance.

But... what about the other attractions? Are they as neglected as in most other theme park sims, or can we build them too? For instance, can I build my own Haunted House attraction? I mean, that guy bulit a (small) castle for the rollercoaster entrance, so it shouldn't be too difficult to expand it as a Haunted House instead. What about Merry-Go-Rounds? Can I design one myself? Adding different things for the people to sit on, add decorations, lightning and so on? Same with Ferris Wheels, and all sorts of other attractions?

The problem is I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters, but I love creating my own stuff. I spent a long time creating an entire neighborhood in The Sims 4, spend countless hours in the Spore creature creator, love games like Minecraft (ironically, Minecraft is one of the few in the genre I don't like), and i love creating characters in RPGs more than I love playing them, most of the time. Heck, I even chose to be a writer, so I can create my own stories.

So anyway, the more customization we get, the better. Theme Parks are more than just rollercoasters, you know. ;)
Time to do a breakdown :D

- Haunted House / Ghost Train / General Dark Ride attractions have been highly requested. I'm sure Frontier will implement them to make us all happy :p
- Custom flat rides seem a tad excessive. Themed carousels and ferris wheels are definitely something you find in real parks, but I don't think we need a proper editor for them. Maybe just a few preset themed versions.
- Honestly, I can safely say that you would be very impressed with the building editor, even if it isn't a ride. You can decorate absolutely anything in your park with it (custom coaster stations, custom shops, custom theming/facades, e.t.c). It's one of the coolest things in the alpha (the coolest for me being the coaster editor, which obviously isn't the case for you).
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I would love to be able to build things other than coasters. Like Water Rides and Dark Rides, for example.

Especially since they're already introducing animatronics and lighting the way they have.

As far as the flat rides, I believe they are planning on making them more customizable with different themes.

it'll be interesting to see what other things they come out with.
Even things as simple as picking the design of the carts on predetermined rides would be nice in my opinion, or if there was some sort of "cart designer" you can use to make your own custom designed cars to be placed on some of the other rides.
That said, I am highly interested in being able to design other rides outside of coasters.
We definately need transport rides and haunted house etc

also with triggers, if you reach a certain track part a sound or animation of a prop will start to scare the guests
I know designing flat rides from scratch is just a dream, but what about choosing colors, the various types of "chairs" (tea cups, horses, spaceships etc), adding decorations etc on them? Take a Merry-Go-Round, for instance. What if I could change the tea-cups into small (generic) wooden ships, add a pirate flag and small cannons on them to make them into pirate ships? Or could add different flags and some other decorations to turn them into viking ships? Or replace them with brown horses for a horse ride? Then I'd paint the horses in different colors, add a horn and wings to each one, and now you got flying unicorns. It really doesn't have to be too advanced or complicated, but it would go a long way to make my park my own.

And that's the whole point, I guess. We're making a theme park, and isn't the rides the main reason why people go there? So why can we build the park down to the tiniest detail in everything except the rides? Shouldn't rides be the main priority?

EDIT: Oh, and I know it's just alpha so far and all that, but doesn't that mean there is plenty of time to add things and change things we're not too happy with? So there's still plenty of time to make custom rides. ❤❤❤❤︎, I'd even settle for custom rides as DLC post-launch. I just want it confirmed as soon as possible, that's all. Considering it's such a huge deal for me. :)
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