Can we change the background?

In the past our guests have materialized at our park entrances. It made sense in RCT1 and 2 as all we could see was our block of park. But now there is no illusion that the guests exist outside of our park, being instantly teleported to a park that is legitimately in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains, acting like some Hotel California stuff. This relates sort of to car parks as it is a part of the background, but will there be ways to customize our background? It seems like they can do better and be more innovative than a park in the middle of a mountain range
Hi Sir Nekk, you make some awesome videos! But yea i totally agree, I always notice that these games seem to place the park in the middle of a forest or mountain range when in reality most of the parks that i've been to are in busy city areas.
Looks like we may get more info on Park Entrances later this week guys [wink] Should be more variety on this than what RCTW have shown.
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