Can't Click on Anything? Possible Bug or User Error?

I'm running the game off Blade's Shadow cloud through my MacBook Pro with an i5 (which shouldn't be a problem). I downloaded the game off Steam and was super excited to play the game through the Shadow cloud, but once I got to the main menu, and it prompted me to buy the ghostbusters DLC, I was unable to press 'continue' or 'buy now'. My cursor is visible on the screen but my clicks aren't being recognized. I thought it might be Shadow but I've tried it with RCT3 and another game and they recognized my clicks and inputs. Planet Coaster is only recognizing keyboard input (Escape(to skip) and Shift+Tab(to close the game and force quit) but not my trackpad nor my wireless mouse. I don't have Discord installed on the Shadow cloud computer and I deleted it off my Mac since apparently the discord overlay can cause this issue, but this did not work either. If anyone is able to help that would be amazing! Thank you!
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