General / Off-Topic Can't post aynthing in the International Thread

Maybe it's not the right thread to post it, but I have no idea where else I could post it.

I am not able to post anything in the international thread due to a prefix problem. There's currently no drop'n down menu to select the language. But to be able to post something I need to select it.
I hope that a Dev can help. Maybe Brett? ;) I was already writing you a pvt message. But unfortunately you didn't answer... :(

Thx for helping

Sounds like it may be an issue with your forum account as the Prefix dropdown appears fine for me when viewing the create new thread form in that forum (it's the very top box on the form).

Thx for answering @shaneturner

So I will check my account settings.
by the way: that's what I can see. There's no Prefix dropdown... :(



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Moved to the Off-topic forum since this is a forum issue, not a Tech Support issue regarding the game itself.

The correct thread for reporting any issues and feedback regarding the forums is this one:

We've already had contact through PM about this issue, and I have informed Brett C about it. He has looked into it. As far as I know the language prefixes are working as intended.

I'll give him another ping about this.


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The prefixes are working for me, so maybe there's something wrong with your user account. I have asked Brett C to look into it.

It should look like this when you are starting a new thread on the International Discussion forum;

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