Cargo Issue

It would be nice if when we changed ships the cargo could stay with the one it's on and not stop me from doing something else.

I picked up a few Pricey items while cruising in my AspX. I need to travel a bit before I can make any kind of profit on them and really don't want to have a sizable loss if I sell them where I am. I want to take out the freebee ship so I can practice FAO without the risk of losing a million or so if I screw up.

Because I have a cargo only a few more than the expendable ship has in cargo space, I can't do what I want to do. The enforced limitation means I am forced to do something with long travel or face high credit loss just because I want to just practice flying for a bit.
that is why they have the training tied to the game now. Go out and play around in the ship and not lose anything.
the cargo staying with you is a limitation that has been in game since it started.

Besides if we could store cargo think of the Background Simulation and how it would get messed up.
I buy and store a couple of T9s worth of cargo. or a couple of hundred. Price gets good and i start dropping it.
Or one person going to a system and buying all the food stores and just parking the ship right there in the station.
Since I don't see anything about sandbox flight practice, with my own agenda and locations; finding an interesting ground feature and exploring it; or just deciding that "Ship A being not what I want to fly today because Ship B is better equipped to do what I want to do," the training missions -- and this ship -- don't fit the bill. I am forced to not do what I want, even in Solo where the things you list are of less concern. But even in Open, if I want to go hunt down the pirate who just attacked me just because he did so, I'm forced to take my AspX smuggler after the pirate's heavily armed Krait (or worse) unless I'm willing to dump my rare cargo in a bad market.

It's a rather arbitrary and in my opinion, ridiculous limitation. I can't even access the second ship to up the cargo cap to fit the stuff in. That, at least, should be doable.
esides if we could store cargo think of the Background Simulation and how it would get messed up.
I buy and store a couple of T9s worth of cargo. or a couple of hundred. Price gets good and i start dropping it.
Or one person going to a system and buying all the food stores and just parking the ship right there in the station.
This is exactly why Fdev have already said they won't do it.
Actually, the BGS things are just as relevant in solo - the BGS is shared across all modes, so what I do in Open effects what you see in Solo.
So, to condense it down. The change I think would work is to enable changing modules of a stored ship (obviously done by station crew) while in storage. Doing that would keep the commodity storage issue from happening, while allowing you to adjust the ship in storage (where you are) to meet the players' changing needs.

So yeah, I see your point on the commodity issue. But being unable to change my ship configurations without moving into the command seat first would not have an effect on that.
Honestly this issue won’t be a problem for you for long...

You seem to have bought cargo that you don’t currently want to deal with, next time you simply won’t buy it. It’s costing you time/money/inconvenience...

Carrying cargo around makes you a target. You want to get it moved quickly so you’re free to do other things.

Don’t buy it and then change your mind as you’re leaving the dock. If it’s annoying you then just sell it and except the loss, there’s plenty of credits to be made... 👍
Sorry for the delay... I was moving

@CMDR Maymo : You buy some goods and fly them to a destination -- say it is your home system -- but when you get there after running a bunch of missions along the way the market price has dropped. Now you could sell them cheaper, maybe at a loss, or fly around putting yourself at risk as you put it trying to get a better price, or maybe put them in a warehouse until the price goes back up -- like many speculators do irl. It is, according to a description I read, a trading game. Warehousing is part of RL trading operations.

I understand all the arguments against, Even having limited warehousing would make it a Trade game. And if someone corners the market on a particular good? Well that's a problem for the Interstellar Trade Commission. :sneaky:
People would do this in squadrons too, keep that in mind.

Trying to find some CG commodities? Oh, sorry m8, nearest station to get some is in Colonia because this bunch of guys just bought everything and stored it for the lulz xD
Like I said, I understand all the ways it could be manipulated; I also know adding things like limited storage that must be paid for can moderate such things. But I also know they could never be eliminated completely because anything players do can be manipulated.

As I have zipped around doing missions and picking up a few speculative goods I occasionally trip over a specialty, high value item. Not nearly enough to warrant a long haul to sell at a distant market where the price would be fantastic. But I can't plan a long term buy-up to take a full hold to make a really long run worth the effort because taking a mission the ship it's in is best for isn't going to take me where I need to go. So I'm stuck being bored doing a run to empty the hold at marginal profit (if not a loss) when the long-haul I want to make could possibly buy me an Anaconda fully pimped out.

The trade aspect of this game is pretty meh.

Oh, and that buy-out thing you mentioned already happens on a smaller scale, so ...
I'm sure there's some caveats that could make short term storage viable:
  • limit the duration of time you can stash your cargo before it starts incurring significant storage penalties - which could be related ti it's market value or something to make long term storage not viable from a speculation point of view.
  • Limit the amount of cargo you can store to that which can be accommodated in your largest vessel
  • Have a 'nerfing' multiplier (Divisor?) applied to any cargo that's been stored, upon the BGS
  • Perishables such as fruit n veg or imperial slaves could be flagged non-storable and rendered biowaste on collection :)
  • Stored items could be subjected to a probability of theft, depending on the security status of the system/station they're stored in, or the scarcity of such items, and the re-appearing on the black market.
  • likewise civil disturbances or station emergencies could raise the risk of losses due to looting.
The overall aim is to add enough risk to storing of cargo to make it an unfavorable option, whilst not shutting the door on it. the actions of player groups/squadrons already has the potential to disrupt CGs and other 'prescribed' actions like courting engineers, simply through ganking around the destination area, so it's not like squadron enabled disruption is a new thing.
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