Carnivores need to only fight when forced too.

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I think it's kind of ridiculous how we can't put different types of carnivores in the same Paddock even if it's a large one without them trying to kill one another. Yeah you can set up their genome to match each other's attack by gene splicing but I prefer to watch these animals size each other up without actually killing each other like how we see Giganotosaurus versus Giganotosaurus or Carnotaurus versus Carnotaurus I think the mechanic would be much better if they would try to intimidate each other first before they start fighting where fights only happen 30% of the time if there's very little food or water then I think they should fight over those resources but not when there's a lot of food and water. Also what should be changed in the mechanics is medium carnivores should run from the larger carnivores whenever they approach before having to resort to fighting large carnivores like how real animals would rather avoid injury. So Frontier if you see this please tweak the fights a bit so it won't be that annoying where we're trying to show the natural habitat that these dinosaurs lived in millions of years ago thanks.
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