[CCN] Colonia Hub Ceremony

Now I have a reason to return ... home. Did I just say 'home'? Boy, that came over my lips so fast, I couldn't control it. In fact, this whole Colonia thing is beyond words :cool:

I haven't taken a shower in months and my teeth stink from 3D Food Cartridges, but I just want to explorer-like give a space hug to everyone :eek:

Now we need this:

Thank you Olivia for your hard work and of course I want to thanks all representatives of CCN too for their work on this project.
And thanks to all of you who is working, exploring, surveying, mining, patroling etc. here at Colonia Nebula. I am glad that I am part of this.

CMDR Darkmoor
Here we are !! Finally after all these efforts . Congrats to all the community , we are about to make a significant thing down here !
I went back to the bubble recently , i think i won't be able to be here on monday , but , as soon as 2.2 is here , i'll come back with a surprise :)
Have a good event !!
WOhooo paaarteyyy! Will be there.
Thanks everyone who took part in CCN up until now. Especially for Olivia for getting the ball rolling in the first place. <3 our new home!
Can't wait for whats to come! o7
It'll be great to see you out there Jaitou. I hope to be back there for Sunday too :)

If you want the EDF to become signatories to the growing Colonia Militia, checkout the militia thread : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/285614-Colonia-Citizens-Network-COLONIA-MILITIA-FORCES

We've got all sorts events planned for the CCN militia :cool:

Thanks for the invite! I've passed it on to EDF leadership and I truly hope they take you up on the offer. I'm not much of a combat guy myself (number of kills: 1 skimmer) but we do have some guys who would love this kind of thing.
I am usually a lone wolf in Jaque but I appreciate to see that much people, ideas, and so on....
Again, it comes from this great explorers community.

Maybe one day - when I will have time - i will try to be more involved.
But I am always reading you.

Hope this bubble 2.0 will stay as it is and grow at its own pace.
Update :

Here's the schedule for today's Colonia Hub Ceremony :

  • 17:00 - Participating Militia meet to prepare for the flyby
  • 18:00 - Flyby takes place at Colonia Hub
  • 18:15 / 18:30 - A speech by Souvarine (via livestream)
  • 18:30 / 18:45 - Informal SRV rally around the new base organized by Mosta

All times are in-game times.
The times are subject to instancing issues so may vary.

Private group is Fleetcomm - contact Grnbrg for access if you don't already have it.

For those who can't attend, the event will be live streamed here :

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Pic from the CCN Flypast, and meet.

Tower shinanigans

More tower shinanigans...

Colonia Hub Opening Flypast!
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