Charon Circumnavigation

Ian Phillips

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Final Exploration stats:

Excuse me whilst I finish this bottle of wine.... I'll do some calcuations and post the distance travelled and time taken once I've found the bottom of the bottle!

Ian Phillips

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Just had a bit of a panic - I couldn't find a post of my starting stats....... because I hadn't posted them. Duh.

Found the image in my files and have added it to the OP.

Time taken: 2 days 19 hours 36 minutes (67 hours 36 mins)
Distance travelled: 4390 Km.
Nr of near heart attacks: 3
Visits from friends: 4

Congrats CMRD!

I have read your story while flying the long stretches in the current Rare Goods CG. Back in Olelbis I realized there is a Moon near one of the Gas Giants with apparently similar size as Charon. The scenery is great with the Ring close by and all. But the moon itself seems pretty rough. Hm …

And it took you nearly three days real time? I'm tempted but I'm afraid I cannot muster the patience.

But it looks so nice there:
Olelbis-Olelbis 3 a (20181117-220815)

Should I try?

Ian Phillips

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Thanks everyone!

I did the whole trip in VR and was concerned at the start about motion sickness and if that would be a problem. It turned out not to be.

I guess you can get used to almost anything so that even when traversing the worst ground in mountainous areas, where I often would spin round 360 degrees just by going over a ridge/bump, combined with extreme up-and-down motion, I experienced no trouble. The worst times for motion sickness were in rough areas when I was driving after just having finished a meal :D

Should I try?

Well of course!

I am planning on going back to the huge mountains close to the south pole to try my hand at base jumping off of some of them - at least until I destroy my SRV!
Hey Ian - congratulations on a successful circumnavigation of Charon, a fantastic achievement!


I'll get your details added to the Planetary Circumnavigation Club forum thread asap.

Somehow a simple o7 doesn't quite cut it!

Congratulations. A fine effort, I may try myself.

I don't know whether this helps anyone, but if you had kept a constant bearing of ~222 you would have arrived at your antipodal point without having to check your bearing very often.
The route might have been a bit further because the it is not a great circle, but a rhumb line.

This website will calculate all your bearings, both great circle and rhumb line very easily. I have used it find a bearing to given points on planets quite a few times.
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