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So for a while I've been working on a material collection assistant, since I found it so tedious to keep track of materials I'd need for specific blueprints and where to find them. While there are some very helpful and great resources available (eg. Engineering Database & Calculator), these weren't as focused or streamlined as I'd have liked.

With my application you can search and filter for blueprints and materials. Once you've found a blueprint or material you'd like to pursue, you can "START COLLECTING". The blueprint and its required materials will then be added to the upper tracking area.

For materials the web-app keeps count of your inventory. You can increase and decrease the inventory quantity for a material by using the plus and minus buttons.

If you remove a blueprint from the tracking area, its associated materials will be removed as well according to the required quantity.

If you craft a blueprint, the required materials will have their inventory quantity reduced. Beware that you can craft a blueprint even if all inventory quantities equal zero. This is a concession to the fact that you'll have to keep the material inventory synchronized yourself.

Unfortunately, you'll have to keep the material inventory synchronized yourself, there's still no way to synchronize automatically with your Elite: Dangerous account. The tracking and inventory state are stored locally on your computer (using a browser technology called LocalStorage).

As far as possible I've tried to make the application layout well in tablets and smartphones.

You can find the collector-drone app here. (http://collector-drone.one/)

If the above doesn't work for you, it's also available here: https://fre-sch.github.io

Let me know if you find problems or have suggestions. I'm tracking your feedback in the project, take a look if you want to follow the progress: https://github.com/fre-sch/collector-drone/issues

  • Update 1.5 (2016-08-02): Update blueprints to 2.1.05.
  • Update 1.4 (2016-07-21): Import and export data.
  • Update 1.3 (2016-07-17): Show which engineers craft blueprints. Numerous layout and style tweaks.
  • Update 2016-07-11: Show collection progress for blueprint and ingredients as progress bar. Find and show blueprints that could be build from current inventory. Fix blueprint category dropdown gets cut off on mobile. Fix blueprints screen shows some materials as Red when they should be Orange.
  • Update 2016-07-09 #2: Fix for removed materials
  • Update 2016-07-09: Layout changed, navigation bar added, data fixes, about page added.
  • Update 2016-07-04: Add pagination indicators. Add fix for 'stuck' materials: untrack all blueprints and reload to clear 'stuck' materials.
  • Update 2016-07-03: "Add to Homescreen" support iOS and Android (thanks lemny)
  • Update 2016-07-02: Data update (additional locations), tweak material location display
  • Update 2016-07-01: Data duplicates removed, mobile layout tweaked for smaller devices
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I give you some rep for this mate.

The website is clean; the ED orange; and it may be of use to me so thank you very much.

Much better than only being able to pin 1 recipe.
Dude, you should work for FD. If forum members can think of stuff like this, it would help if it were incorporated into our ED accounts. Maybe, in upcoming point releases? "Hope springs eternal"

Works on my iphone 4S, too. Many thanks!!
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I found a duplicate on one of the blueprint, CMDR - straight copy/paste from the page - Yttrium is listed twice on FSD Increased Range lvl 3:-

3 Increased FSD Range FSD
Atypical Disrupted Wake Echoes 2
Chemical Processors 3
Selenium 2
Yttrium 2
Modular Terminals 1
Yttrium 1
It might be a good idea to have a compiled version for download as not everyone is computer savvy. I doubt many people will use it in its current form.
In Firefox I cannot select anything from the drop down menues.
This should be working now. Thanks for the feedback!

It might be a good idea to have a compiled version for download as not everyone is computer savvy. I doubt many people will use it in its current form.
Absolutely TOP NOTCH mate. Well done and thank you. Will be using soon!

Is there a way to save it however?
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

While it's not an immediate goal, I play with the thought of creating an android application for this. Or maybe a good old desktop application. But that won't happen for a long, looong time.

Until then, you could just save the page to your computer. It's completely stand-alone, it stores all data on your computer or rather in your browser. So even if you don't save it locally, the application will keep tracking and inventory across page reloads and visits.
Where is the donate button?! ...absolutely great work!

I think FD should spend a bit time in a better API and let us access much more data like inventory and module stats and and and...
If they do so, the marvelous community would improve their game so much. Imagine what such great apps would do for the game if you were able to import such data or get them live from the game.

Even the manual version of this App improves the annoying micromanagement so much that i am motivated to play again...

PS: Works like charm on the iPad... maybe you could add an icon and fullscreen appearance like "coriolis.io" ?
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I got to say again how impressed I am with this app. I can now put away the pen and paper and concentrate on finding things. Indeed, where is the donate button? I feel I owe you something for this app. It really is that impressive.
Using firefox when windowed, the drop down menus work but the add buttons do not. When I to full screen it seems to resolve this issue. Otherwise great work!
Thanks everyone for all the lovely feedback!

Using firefox when windowed, the drop down menus work but the add buttons do not. When I to full screen it seems to resolve this issue. Otherwise great work!
Thanks for helping out, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to catch all bugs myself.

Could you post your Firefox version and if that's on desktop or mobile device? By "add buttons", do you mean buttons such as "start collecting", "track" or do you mean the inventory plus/minus buttons on materials? I just want to make sure I'm looking for the right things. If you could answer those questions, it would be a great help. I'd really like to make it work well in all browsers and devices.
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