"Close queue" / "Close Park" option

As suggested, reposted as a new thread...

I'd like a "close queue" option where the queue stops admitting new riders, but the ride continues to run until the queue is emptied out and then shuts down. This to avoid turning away a queue full of people who might get angry.

In line with this, a "close park" option which closes the queue of every ride which then runs until the queue is emptied out. Guests would migrate toward the exit.

There could be an option for shops to remain open and continue to sell to exiting peeps, or close immediately, or maybe shut down when there are no guests in proximity. This would simulate how a park entrance "main street" style area remains open slightly past park closing to continue to sell things to departing guests.
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This is a great idea, but I think we need a more realistic time system for the parks to have a reason to close [up]
I don't want it taking a "whole day" for the rides to close down before the guests all leave lol
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Would love to have a system where the rides close, and then an hour later the park and shops close. Of course, time would need to be dragged out, maybe to be 48 mins irl for 24 hours ingame?