Closing the circle

Or, My Cobra is become the Galaxy Serpent

After 618,000 light years, 28,160 systems and nearly 18 months I've gone all the way round.

Going to hang around the general area for the weekend to do some ELW hunting with Chiggy in the fourth of our irregular series of meeting up every time I've been around a crossing between arms on this trip and then back to the bubble via checking out some of the sights in the Orion Spur that I've not visited yet.

Pictures from the trip to date, many already shared

Full trip stats to come in a few weeks (or so) when I make it back to the bubble and sell the data.
Welcome almost back. Take care while returning to the bubble. No alarms and no surprises, please.

I simply love looking at screenshots in this game, so thank you for your beautiful ones.

Possibly one of the first recorded circumnavigations of the galactic outer rim? One that's going to be archived on the Exhibition Hub either way [up]
Salutations to you CMDR! If the galaxy doesn't know its own boundaries, you certainly do! :D

Virtual +1. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to iain666 again.
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Absolutely amazing.

Well done CMDR!

Also, im really mind blown you met a random CMDR that far out..
Quote said:
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to iain666 again.

Edit 1: if I go with my average credit per system, that would bring you at just under 430 million. 429,221,211 to be exact. Nice number too!
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