Coaster trains look editor mcbobby thingy.

My idea is that well you know how all you can do with the trains is change the colour and that's it. My idea is a editor or just the ability to be able to put props and other things like shapes on the trains. For example, with some shapes you could put a smiley face on the front of the train. Although the one issue would be if someone put like a big prop on a train so maybe have exclusive smaller versions of props or props that are mostly made for to be put on trains or they could just let you only use shapes but that wouldn't be as good. What you think. [happy]
I would love a coaster train editor as part of PC.

It would be great to be able to add scenery items to a coaster train.
Seems like a great idea but it might be a little complex since every car is moving individually and coaster cars are very small compared to the art shapes. If you add the smallest art shape it's already just as big as a single car i'm afraid.

But I definately like this idea. Been thinking about a way to parent props to moving objects such as the middle of the ferriswheel so the scenery items rotate along with the ferriswheel.