Coastin' Dave's Comments

I am quite the coaster/theme park enthusiast, so I figured that I'd just post my ideas in a single thread for everyone to comment in.
I love the direction Planet Coaster is heading right now, especially considering that it is about a year or so from release and it already looks more promising than some other theme park games that have come up in the past year. My biggest concern right now is based on two main aspects of the game: roller coasters look alright right now, and I spotted some images of RMC trains and even premier sky rocket trains, so I'm glad they're keeping the game up-to-date on current coaster style; however, the coaster tracks seem a bit odd right now. Granted, they are very early in production so I simply would like to get it out there that coasters are very complex, and many of us would like to build realistic coasters with definite heights and G-forces and block brakes and the whole works. So as long as that gets addressed properly in time, then that will be fantastic.
My second issue is dark rides. Simply put: if I make a room with no windows, no doors and no openings, then every pixel on my screen should be 100% pitch black. If I want lights, I'll add lights.

To the development team: I am very impressed with your guest animation, it feels so much more appropriate for 2015/2016 than other similar games. I look forward to this game's progress and will be giving some more suggestions on this thread later on. I have studied theme parks in great detail so I am happy to give suggestions and advice wherever applicable.

To the community: post your thoughts and comments here and I'll give some more suggestions later on to discuss.
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