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Athan said:
Oh boy, yes, I'm volunteering to maintain this OP.

Post here if there's something you think should be added to, or changed about the API. Keep in mind that we have no idea how likely it is for anything to be changed about the current API, or how long it will be before there's a replacement, more capable, API.

I'll get us started.

I was hoping there'd be some information in the returned data about a system's influence levels, plus the latest crime, bounty and traffic reports. This would help greatly with automating keeping an eye on a system you're interested in. For now I'll have to continue hand-entering data into a spreadsheet.
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Indeed, current system factions along with their influence standing and current state are all good.

Some additions...

Powerplay metrics:
- Current Power
- Powers Contesting
- System CC Income
- System CC Upkeep
- Preparation progress (if available)
- Some other stuff I can't think of since I don't powerplay...sorry

Exploration Information:
- Percentage explored (I'd say each scannable entity gets a score from 0 to 3. 0-no discovery scan, 1-discovery scan, 2-named, 3-detail surface scan. Add up total points unlocked in system divided by total possible points=percentage explored)
- System has landable planets
- Minable resources composition (highest grade available and abundance)
- Stations on surface to provide value of local gravity

Trade detail (these might be dependent on a trade overhaul that returns us to the dynamic trade we saw in beta):
- Some X days of commodity history (simplified output, "Platinum rising in price and dropping in supply on average for the past 7 days")
- Production focus, what commodities does the station produce the most of
- Consumption focus, what commodities does the station consume the most of

- Top 5 bounties
- Station News
- Bulletin Board Summary (i.e. Station issues mostly Assasination contracts, or Station is mostly contracting exports, or Station is requesting charity)
I would like if the profile also had data for active missions (such as timers, system and station, goods requirements etc).
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