Collection of Tutorials, Guides, and other useful tricks

This is a collection of tutorials, guides, and tips that are highly recommended [up]

Official Planet Coaster Pages:
(URL) Authors - Description
(Link) Frontier - Reddit Community
(Link) Frontier - Discord Chat Server
(Link) Frontier - Facebook
(Link) Frontier - Twitter
(Link) Planet Coaster - News
(Link) Planet Coaster - Tech Support
(Link) Planet Coaster - Youtube

Popular Fan Pages:
(Link1) (Link2) Channel5 Gaming - Youtube Home Page
(Link1) (Link2) Shyguysworld - Theme Park Gaming Community
(Link) TPSG - Community on Facebook
(Link) PCC - Community on Steam
(Link) Big list of even more fan pages
(Link) Schematics - In-depth reviews of gameplay mechanics
(Link) Planco.World - Custom organizer for blueprint creations

Steam Workshop Links:
(Link1) (Link2) Main Page - Community Blueprint Sharing
(Link1) (Link2) Steam Guides - Bigger Collection of Guides & Tutorials
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) (Link4) Basic Workshop Features

(Link) Frontier - List of all Key Bindings, Hotkeys, Keyboard Shortcuts
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) Community - How to share Screenshots
(Link) Geekism - Controls Crash Course! <--- very detailed
(Link) CleaveTVTube - Camera Controls
(Link) BLindiRL - Hotkeys for Moving Objects
(Link) Sdanwolf - More Camera Control Tips

Basic Guides:
(Link) Frontier - Basic Tutorials included in the games main menu
(Link) Wheels247 - Beginner Basics, Menus, Paths & More
(Link) 3pmusic - Learning The Basics
(Link) Geekism - Starting Out
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) (Link4) JamesViago - Completing a small park <-- very detailed
(Link) Smaller details and tricks

(Link) Geekism - Top 5 Tips for Staff and Paths
(Link) Discussion - Stopping Vandalism
(Link) Geekism - Staff Management for Beginners <--- very detailed
(Link) iJazed - Staff Management Tutorial
(Link) ConflictNerd -Challenge Mode (Let's Play Series)
(Link) Infinity's Ride Pricing - Explains how to maximize profits using Ride Sequences
(Link) Infinity's Shop Pricing - Explains how to maximize profits for Shops/Facilities
*If you struggle to make profits, Infinity's guide helps reduce challenge or difficulty

Cheat Codes:
(Link) Official cheat codes - Spruce up your park with some extra fun!
(Link) Discussion - Community ideas

(Link) Nadz203 - Object Clipping & No Entry Paths
(Link) 3pmusic - Path Basics <--- very detailed
(Link) jadedbird - Quick Simple Circles
(Link) BLindiRL - Pathway Basics
(Link) cullyn - Buildings & Paths
(Link) JamesViago - Path Experiments
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) Compilation - Molding Sloped Terrain w/ Paths & walls
(Link) Silvarret - Smooth Curving Plazas <---- very very helpful
(Link) A&O Gaming - Path Shortcuts & Tips
(Link) RubleTrillions - Path Tricks for plazas

Building Structures:
(Link) AdfoTV - Custom buildings for Beginners
(Link) Ctop - Building Crash Course
(Link) Kai Rubix - Realistic Gift Shops
(Link) Rudi Rennkamel - Advanced Tips & Efficiency
(Link1) (Link2) Uthris - Building Basics
(Link) The Sandbox Social - Some Quick Tips
(Link) SPRidley - Using Ride Operator as Stand Alone Employee

Building Roofs & Domes:
(Link) Bullethead - Roof Trusses
(Link) Silvarret - Domed Roofs

Coaster Ride PoVs:
(Link) Bornevalesh - Triple Racer
(Link) drfugo - Reactor
(Link) Pixelated - Cube of Illusions
(Link) FU_Films - Sci Fi City
(Link) Nikanor - Cubism
(Link) Tricky Plays Games - Super Mario
(Link) Pixelated - Limbo
(Link) then8mac - Sonic Green Hill Zone
(Link) Compilation - Superman & More
(Link) Tricky Plays Games - Looney Tunes
(Link) TommyT067 - Tron

Coaster Design:
(Link) Geekism - Coaster Basics
(Link) Geekism - Heat Maps & G-Forces
(Link) Foxy Fern - Advanced Tips
(Link) DoxyNotchy - Coaster Building
(Link) Silvarret - the great woodie tut <---- coaster college series
(Link) Silvarret - Smoothie Smoothing Tracks
(Link) BBP Games - Advanced Coaster Inverts

Coaster Brake Systems & Stations:
(Link) Brothgar - Station Platform Efficiency
(Link) Silvarret - Brake Sections (Block, Trims & Friction/Magnetic)
(Link) Channel5 Gaming - Duel Synchronization
(Link1) (Link2) DogBearCougar - Multi-track hidden under floors w/ turn around glitch

Fun Stuff for Ideas & Inspiration:
(Link) Discussion - Merchandise Wishlist
(Link) El Escoses Gamer - Tree House Build (Time Lapse)
(Link) Kai Rubix - Yoshi's Island
(Link) dUFZY - Construction Site Builds a Coaster (Time Lapse)
(Link) sdanwolf - Water Park w/ Slides
(Link) Flaffstar - Huitzilopochtli (Fire Show)
(Link) Lily - Alice in Wonderland

Water & Terrain:
(Link) Sim Park Observer - Terrain Basics
(Link1) (Link2) Compilation - Sloped Terrain w/ Paths
(Link1) (Link2) JamesViago - Weirs
(Link) wowman - Rivers & Waterfalls
(Link) BdoubleO100 - Basic Bridges
(Link) BitterJeweler - Quick Square Pool
(Link) Deuce - Molding Terrain Cubes
(Link) Blue Shamu - Terrain Writing

Dark Rides:
(Link) Retrotsung - Tricks for Building Dark Rides
(Link) Flabiliki - Dark Ride Build (Let's Play Series)
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) Dark Park - large hollowed out enclosed box w/ terrain ceiling

(Link) DeLadySigner - Basic Lighting Examples
(Link) Grrt - Advanced Lighting Techniques <---- very very detailed
(Link) Sim Park Observer - Triggered Light Effects
(Link) Joshua Amos - FAA Light Setup

Billboards/Custom Images:
(Link) Frontier - Basic How to add Images
(Link) Rudi Rennkamel - Billboards
(Link) Geekism - Billboards
(Link1) (Link2) Billboard Generator - Automatically designs custom billboards <-- very cool
(Link) Community Collection - Billboards

Display Sequencers, Triggers, Fireworks, etc:
(Link) Geekism - Triggers
(Link) BBP Games - Display Sequencer & Fireworks
(Link) Community - Display Sequencer
(Link) shaneturner12 - Display Sequencer
(Link) BBP Games - Motion Track Ride - (Spooky DLC Add-On)

(Link) How to add custom Audio
(Link) Entire collection of Classic RCT Audio + More!

(Link) Silvarret - Advanced Scenery Techniques
(Link) Geekism - More Scenery Tricks
(Link) Channel5 - Basic Scenery Showcase <--- reviews individual objects
(Link) Channel5 - Basic Scenery Showcase #2 (Winter Update 1.1)
(Link) Channel5 - Basic Scenery Showcase #3 (Spring Update 1.2)
(Link) Rudi Rennkamel - Basic Scenery Showcase #4 (Summer Update 1.3)
(Link) Channel5 - DLC Scenery Pack Showcase #5 (Licensed DLC Add-on)
(Link) Tricky Plays Games - DLC Scenery Pack Showcase #6 (Spooky DLC)
(Link) Geekism - Anniversary Update Overview (v1.4)
{Link) Channel5 - DLC Scenery Pack Showcase #7 (Adventure DLC pack)

Blueprint Collections:
(Link1) (Link2) JamesViago - Collection of Construction Vehicles w/ Complete Tutorial!
(Link) R3dDragon - Collection of Vehicle Blueprints (Scenery Showcase Series)
(Link) xtraordinar - Collection of Carnival Game style Shops (Scenery Showcase)
(Link) Compilation - Collection of Classic RCT items!

More Tutorials:
(Link) Channel5 Gaming - More Tips & Tricks
(Link) Foxy Fern - Quick Start Guide & Useful Tips

Please feel free to add & share any more you can! :loonybloons:
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Good work, Breezer!

Here are a few general info things:

Peep Demographics---Average stats for Fear, Nausea, and Money.
Takeaway is what sort of stats your rides should have to attract peeps, and which demographics to cater to.

Peep Food and Drink Preferences
Takeaway is what types of food and drink shops work best, where to put them, and the ratios of food and drink shops.

PS: Please sticky this thread.
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Great work, breezerHOG! I have stuck this thread for better visibility! :kingcoaster:
Theres a few guides under triggers and display sequencers, but I have not found a really good one specifically about fireworks just yet, I'll try to keep an eye out for a better one
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