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Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Greetings Commanders!

The Colonia Council and Pilots Federation would like to express their gratitude for your support in establishing a second bubble of populated space. The achievements in Colonia have been monumental and it is all thanks to you. Whilst small, Colonia offers a sanctuary from the politics and strife within our existing space. In Colonia, Powers no longer affect our daily lives and Superpowers do not fight for supremacy.

The Colonia Council would hereby like to extend an invitation to Commanders from all over the Galaxy to join a new initiative to set up a hub in Colonia: the Colonia Expansion Initiative. After considerable consultation we feel ready to unveil our plan to invite more Commanders to make their home base in this friendly part of the cosmos.

How will it work?
In order to expand our existing population, we are inviting collectives of players to apply for a Migration Pass. To apply for a Pass, you simply fill out this application, tell us the name of your new faction that you wish to set up, and enter the contact details of the person registering the collective. The Colonia Expansion Initiative will begin on December 1.
This Initiative is open to all Commanders; whether you are a registered group, such as the Hutton Truckers, or a new collective of people, you are encouraged to make an application.
After initial approval, your submission will be added to the list of potential factions in Colonia, and we will start a Galaxy-wide request for resources in order to create these faction. Commanders will be invited to pledge their support for their desired faction through our Visa application site (see an example below).

View attachment 113543

Due to time and labour restraints of building these new factions, the Colonia Council will only be able to accept the top 10 most contributing factions in the first month. However, each month those factions will then be removed from the list, and we will restart the process to develop more factions and more homes in Colonia. The second month onwards will go down to 3 new factions per month for as long as the initiative is running. This mass expansion initiative means there will always be a chance for the community to develop a new home in Colonia and will set a requirement that every Commander taking part will have to have visited and contributed to the initiative. This way you, the Commanders of the Galaxy, will have the final say on who sets up home in Colonia, what activity happens in Colonia, and, free from Powers and Superpowers, what the politics are in Colonia. A true, organic new home for all Commanders wanting to join us!

TLDR; Summary and details
- Register to set up a faction in Colonia here
- The faction will be vetted and approved by the Colonia Council
- Once the CG goes live for resources in Colonia, Commanders will be able to pledge themselves to one faction and their efforts will go towards that faction. The top 10 factions will be set up in Colonia. The next month will restart and 3 factions will be set up there each month from that point on until further notice
- The faction will be set up as independent and the location and all faction details will be set up neutrally and allocated by the Colonia Council.
- Due to high resource costs - The Faction will only get a surface port, not a station.

So come join Colonia, break new ground, and create new civilizations!
Is there a list of factions out at Jaques I could choose to support anywhere?

Sorry, out at Colonia :)
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Greetings Commanders!
So come join Colonia, break new ground, and create new civilizations!

How soon will we know what the CG's are? Many of the people interested in moving out to Colonia are going to be involved with The Christmas Carriers Convoy, and are planning on heading out there Dec 2 (I think).
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My group is literally all about finding a home for people who need one. Refugees, former slaves, people who have lost everything to war, we fight for them, we reunite families, and we give them a place to live and work at. This is perfect.

Laniakea means "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian. Lani for "heaven" and akea for "Immeasurable", and is a hub of technological advancement, trade, and the starting point for countless expeditions.

Its true strength however lies in its inclusive society. All are welcome, the only thing this society does not tolerate is intolerance.

It is the result of a varied, diverse, socially progressive ragtag group of people coming together to create the one thing they always wanted, a place to call home.
This is perfect.
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Hi there. Sorry if this has already been asked, but does anyone have a good route recommendation I can use to get out to Colonia relatively safely? I have an AspX and can kit it out with max fuel tanks, scoop, afmu, etc. But no idea where to start in actually going there. Thanks in advance
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Sorry, confused here. Is this Powerplay starting in Colonia?
No, this is player groups migrating out to Colonia. PP really wouldn't work on that side of space.

Hi there. Sorry if this has already been asked, it does anyone have a good route recommendation to use in order to get out to Colonial? Thanks in advance
Follow the Christmas Convoy routes. At least the waypoints. There's planet based stations you can land at, at least.
Ever since Jaques station was found I wanted to be out there, I left for jaques, just after the engineer’s patch, got half way and RL stepped in.

Now I’ve been to jaques, and am currently on the way back into the bubble to get my Anaconda FSD worked on by Felicity Farseer. Now with the ability of being able to move ships from station to station I intend to get mining/hauler Python and combat ship of some variety, Vulture or Fer-de-lance depending on budget, and maybe one of the explorer class for local and not so local scouting trips, landing my Anaconda always makes me clench.

But alas I don’t belong to any player groups but want to be part of the whole thing, but sitting in the shadows as it were, too old or just too lazy to get into the whole guild thing been there, and done my fair share of work for it as well (played EVE for far too long, and way back when Jumpgate became like a second job.)

Now just want to log in do some stuff that’s going to help, wave hello and log off sort of thing. I did try the BGS in the bubble but never really had the time to get it to where I would have liked it to go, but with this on offer I want in. So anyone wanting a silent but hard working member for their group drop me a line.

Commander Lokvette, signing off from Gagarin Gate, heading back in then back out again asap. :)
I have a question: who is the Colonia Council that's referred here? Is that from the CCN organization, or is it a new body of players made specifically for this purpose?

Edit: my bad, I didn't mean to refer to the CCN as an in-game player group, so I fixed the wording.
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I have a question: who is the Colonia Council that's referred here? Is that from the CCN group, or is it a new body of players made specifically for this purpose?

CCN is not a group, and we haven't been approached for anything related to this. Colonia Council is a symbol, an embodiment of CCN, not the 'official' CCN in-game faction. Because CCN is not a group.
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