#CommanderCreations - 24/05/2021

Zac Cocken

Junior Product Manager
Greetings Commanders!

Welcome back to another installment of #CommanderCreations! After a great first week of creations, it's exciting to be able to share more of the incredible things the Elite Dangerous community have been up to, in this especially busy week! Let's get started:

3D Printed Wall Art By Anthony Hunt


Commander Anthony Hunt has been hard at work on this impressive Elite Dangerous fleet! The ships are all to the same scale, and attached via magnets to keep them all in place on the wall! A truly impressive feat!

Mining Anaconda By Hyrchurn


This stunning piece of art from Hyrchurn left us in awe of the detail involved! The painting depicts an Anaconda departing from the ring of a gas giant after a successful mining venture, and the use of colour shades on the planet, and almost pointillism style asteroids is certainly worthy of being a part of this showcase!

3D Printed Corvette By Lyamecron


We love seeing 3D printed ships, and this Corvette by @Lyamecron is no exception! The attention to detail here is phenomenal - especially with the various light fixtures throughout the hull. Lyamecron not only did a great job with the print, but also the paint!

Starport Terminal By Nickweb85


Nickweb85's take on the starport terminals is just one of a fantastic series of art pieces that you can check out on their Twitter account! This particular piece highlights the on-foot terminals available for those Commanders who stretch their legs on board one of the starports in Odyssey!

Art Slideshow By BeetleJude

Source: https://youtu.be/Ml_V7mna9R8

BeetleJude is a regular contributor in the world of Elite Dangerous art! This slideshow shows off some of their recent work, as well as a sneak peek into how the cake is made, so to speak! Keep it coming, please!

Ye Olde Elite Dangerous By CMDR Zulu Romeo


We're ending this week with a very different piece of work from CMDR Zulu Romeo, turning some Elite Dangerous scenarios into medieval etchings. This one in particular mimicking the now famous Odyssey phrase, "panel is cut, panel is down". There are plenty of other etchings for you to check out on their Twitter account!

And that's a wrap on another week of #CommanderCreations! Please keep them coming as we move into a new era of Elite Dangerous, and no matter whether you're playing Odyssey or Horizons, we can't wait to see what you've been creating. You can submit your creations on Twitter using the hashtag #CommanderCreations, or by posting them in this thread.

Until next time, fly safe Commanders.

That 3D printed wall would look great in any concourse. Devs?? ;)
Really though, that's, wow.
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I do love these Commander Creations - it's a nice mix of all types of creativity and awesome to see! Thanks for the feature too! It's an honour to be included in the same post as the lkes of Beetlejude - Paintings and drawings are epic, and those 3D printed ships are awesome! I hope they're not too fiddly to dust!
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