Comparison of previous 'Elites' (official and otherwise) up to Elite Dangerous

I'd have loved to have joined in with this, but unfortunately real life does tend to get in the way sometimes. Hope everyone has fun and I'll definitely be one of those catching up with this on YouTube.
Just watched it. A very nice run through.

I was on original BBC Elite player, then skipped to Oolite before ED so missed out on the middle. It was good to have a view through the development.
I’m hoping to join in if real life will just stay out of the way, otherwise I’ll toddle around afterwards playing through any YT videos as I go.
I remember the rush to get near a station, not now we exist supercruise right next to them.
And npcs are more forgiving now.
Nice one. :)

BTW, looked like you hadn't visited Tianve yet - how come?
Checked the system, looks like I have a few 1st discoveries there. :D
Watched the video this morning. Excellent presentation, Drew.

Loved the in-depth examination of the experience of being ganked throughout all the titles ;)
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