Competition Challenge Mode for multiplayer and more difficulty

As I have heard in the media's, the most critic on the game is, that it isn't very hard to play when you reached the late game. I thought a bit of that and I had a great idea for a better challenge mode.

You can make the game much more competitiv if you just add some other players who are playing as rivals of your park.

You can only create a "Competition Challenge Mode" with your Friends if they join your game or if you invite them. It always starts at the beginning and you can choose one of the difficultys for the game. All Players have the same difficulty and the game only runns at normal speed.

Now here is the big deal for this:

Competition Challenge Mode

  • Every Player starts with 1 Park Rating (the same as the single player). But when a Player get 10 new Park Rating Points, the other Player loses 1 of his Rating Points because the Park Guests like the other Park more then yours. It is the business competition principle.
  • If there are more then 2 Players in the Competition Challenge Mode, always the Player with the highest Park Rating is losing 1 Point for each 10 points that one of the other Players are creating.
  • As goal of the challenge the first player with a setable Park Rating wins. As example the first player with 2000 Park Rating Points wins.

With this losing of Park Rating Points system it is much difficulty to get more Park Guests I think. Yes, it is not a finished idea, but I hope that it is a bit of inspiration for a better difficulty in the game (especially for the late game). What do you think of this idea?
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I give you +1 and think that you made a good suggestion!
Even if I am someone who plays alone and almost sandbox, but for the others it is a great idea!
I have edited the idea, because losing 1 by 1 points is a bit to much and not very logic I think... [weird] Maybe 10 points that others are creating, costs the other or the highest player only 1 point.
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