Concept for implementing pack hunting in small carnivors


One thing missing from JWE is packing hunting, it feels so strange that velociraptors operate individually, when they are portrayed so differently in all the films. So I have come up with an idea.

A lot of people have parks with small carnivors and large/medium carnivors as well as small carnivors with medium/large herbivores. If Frontier was to implement pack hunting In an update then this would potentially ruin people's saved games.

What if small carnivors only hunted in packs when their fellow inhabitants were inhibited. For example, if a T-Rex has just had a fight with a Spinosaurus, and is lacking health the velociraptors could seek there moment whilst the T-Rex is weak. Perhaps a stegosaurous has an illness, the Deinonychus pack would exploit that moment. This could be expanded to large carnivors and sick large herbivores.

It makes sense that these small carnivors would be opportunists and it means there is more onus on the user to get their ranger team out to heal before the raptors get there first. Just a thought. Ps new raptor skins would be good too :)

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