Connie Express Design SOLVED!

Hello everybody!

I'm a bit of a train fanatic, and I have a lot of knowledge regarding some older engines, specifically 4-4-0 types. They're the type of locomotive that both the Connie Express and Iron Horse ride are designed after. We already know the Iron Horse was designed after North Pacific Coast Railroad #12, "Sonoma", as that was stated during a stream. However it was never clearly stated what the Connie Express was based on, and I think I'm ready to say I've solved the mystery.

Didn't take much at all, actually, from the moment I saw the locomotive I had a definitive answer as to what it was based on.
It is based on none other than Central Pacific Railroad #173, which is funnily enough, also originally named Sonoma!

Specifically, I believe it is based on Walt Disney's variation of the train, which he built in miniature form and called the "Lilly Belle".

This locomotive is what in turned inspired Disneyland Railroad's #1, "C.K. Holliday", as that locomotive was built to be a scaled up representation of the Lilly Belle.

I only wish that Frontier would release the concept art for the train, as that would be the definitive answer as to what it's based on.

Let me know what you all think of my train-sleuthing! I think Frontier did a wonderful job capturing the feel of the locomotive, I only wish it could have the same color scheme variety as the Iron Horse ride, as I prefer the Connie's actual design over the Iron Horse.
Oh this has been known for months, actually?

Connie Express is also one of the few rides that some early renders where shown of, prompting (i think) Steamloco here to get Frontier to fix some rather fatal flaws for a steam train, like not being able to create steam at all, lol

Kind of a shame they decided to drop the little flags on the front, they feel missing to me now...

Also, sorry for not including a pun, I'm not good at those.
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Yes, however the C.K. Holliday actual isn't a precise scale down of the 173. In fact the tender (the car which holds the fuel), is of an entirely different design. The Connie Express more closely follows the 173, rather than the C.K. Holliday. The C.K. Holliday has a taller cab, shorter riding boiler, and the tender is more boxy as opposed to the tapering flare and farther spaced wheelsets.

I saw that post early on but wasn't pleased with it.
Looking at it, I'd say you're right, that does seem to be the miniature model instead.
Aside from 1 or 2 things...

The flags shown on the render where not on the original one, instead only on the park train.
(No clue why those where cut however, they where cute)

And the texture of the locomotive seems like a hybrid between the two.

Note how the tender has the model's number plate shape on it.

However the stars on the wheels, and the copper on front dome are taken from the ride version.
Also, the number on the tender...

The kettle is once again from the model version with the 5 decorative trims (and 1 pipe that sort of looks like a 6th)

But the 3d model, the more I look at it, the more details i find, the more clearly it becomes that that's the model version

Well done on noticing that, lol
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Yes, well, I have been studying American 4-4-0s almost religiously for a few years now, so it wasn't that tough for me to be able to notice those details!

I could start venting about inaccuracies... but this isn't Train Simulator, it's PlanetCoaster :)
Little update, I wonder if they've been influenced by colors of the Disneyland Paris version of the C.K. Holliday, named the W.F. Cody.
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