CoR and CCN present the Lightning Strike Expedition!

Lightning StrikeExpedition

This is a a joint statement by the Colonia Citizens Network (CCN) and the Children of Raxxla (CoR), concerning a forthcoming exploration and investigation expedition in and near the Colonia region.

There have long been rumours of an alien civilization in this, the Colonia region of space. The failure of Jaques Station to arrive at its original destination (Beagle Point) has raised some intriguing questions. Many explorers, and scientists have long hypothesized that Jaques was drawn off course, by Witch Space Disruptor technology. A form of tech that is beyond the present understanding of human science. Understanding of this may be critical for the future of humanity. Our survival may very well depend on it.

To this end, the Colonia Citizens Network and the Children of Raxxla,have joined forces to investigate leads in the space surrounding Colonia. We intend to find the origins of this alien technology, andend the mystery once and for all. We call upon Commanders of goodwill to help them solve this puzzle by joining them on what has been dubbed the 'Lightning Strike Expedition'. Explorers,Scientists, Investigators, are all asked to join us in our quest among the stars. Commanders with expertise in logistics, and of the Fuel Rats Mischief are also key components in our fleet.

The fleet will depart the state-of-the-art Megaship 'Damask Rose', in the Centralis System (Colonia), on Sunday October 21st 3304.It will run for two weeks afterwards, ending on November 4th.

Commanders who are interested in signing up to the expedition should follow this link to EDSM. For expedition communications they should join up with the LSE Discord.


Discord Invite:

I'll see you all out there!

CMDR Yanick
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Sounds interesting. Could we have some more specifics about what taking part in the expedition will entail? It sounds less like the usual touring ones, and has only two waypoints listed on EDSM anyway, so are they area surveys?
Even without knowing waypoints, I'm willing to sign up for this (will need to sort out my EDSM login, haven't used it in ages). I've been planning to head out to Colonia and help develop the skills of the new Engineers and set out on Wednesday, albeit with a diversion to the Formidine Rift. I can be there in plenty of time to join the expedition and will probably use the Asp Explorer Lukushiyon that I took on Distant Worlds, which is based out there, although I might use the Cobra MkIII I'm making this journey in, the Morglay.
If the idea is to verify the presence or absence of another race out near Colonia, my guess is that the expedition will involve searching for the presence of 'brain trees' in a lattice of systems, based upon the assumption that they are always found within a certain range of Guardians sites. I don't fancy eyeballing planets at all (I'd rather wait for 3.3 when this won't be needed) but I am happy to help find worlds with suitable conditions for organics. More details would be helpful regardless.
I don't want to say too much at this point. But this is a "normal" expedition, but over a shorter time and distance than most are. The search for alien life and technology is a greater priority than would be the case for most expeditions.

So roll up and sign up. The fleet will be leaving Colonia this Sunday. So seal your place in history!

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