Cortes Base Circuit challenge: An Elite Racers standing time trial

It's so good, and hopefully you don't mind, I've used it as the demonstration video for the SRV Course.
I'm so rusty with the SRV, I keep spinning out!
Not at all - I'm honoured. Meanwhile, I done my first ever Giphy!

Wasn't sure quite where you consider the end to be, I used the last part of the ramp I can see out of the ground. I hope they last a few days at least :D
fwiw I also checked Shaye's run (because, you know, disbelief! 😆 sorry!) and I made it bang on 8:00

For the start I'm taking the edge of the tunnel entrance where it seems a bit brighter ..


.. and for the finish, the last bit of tarmac at the bottom of the ramp ..

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Just a question, what ships DO fit through these courses? I was thinking of trying out my Mamba on this.
Are we talking about the road gates for the Elite course or just the entrance/exit tunnels? Mamba definitely fits through the tunnels but I very much doubt it would fit through the road gates.
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